Anuice Reviews: Freezing Hemorrhoids at Home – Does It Work?

Anuice Reviews Freezing Hemorrhoids at HomeIs your hemorrhoid starting to be a serious nuisance in your life?

While this painful problem usually goes away on its own, there are cases when it can be persistent even when you already tried all pills you can find. Things can get frustrating at this point and at times, you could even lose hope.

Don’t despair, because Anuice is a treatment option that could possibly address your issue in no time.

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Anuice: Hemorrhoids Removal at Home with Cryotherapy?

According to the University of California, about 1 in 20 Americans is affected by hemorrhoids, with about half of adults older than age 50 have hemorrhoids, so it is very common in both men and women.

Anuice is FDA Approved medical device which makes use of cold therapy to treat hemorrhoids. A product of Cryotherapy Pain Relief Products Incorporated or CPRPI, it is made with a high applicator that houses the coolant.

The product is easy to use, reusable and can retain cold better than ice. If not in use, it is advised to keep it inside a specialized container. Unlike ice which melts easily, Anuice can impact on hemorrhoidal tissues for as long as 5 to 10 minutes.

The type of cold therapy offered by Anuice reduces itching and swelling. It also relieves pain and eventually shrinks hemorrhoids and stops the bleeding at the same time.

How to Use Anuice: Application Instructions / Directions

Hemorrhoids are basically swollen blood vessels. Among the treatments include cauterization involving cold or heat application to stop the bleeding of hemorrhoids and shrivel them.

Anuice works based on Cryotherapy principle, which is a simple kind of cauterization which can be applied in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Anuice is similar to ice as this can relieve swelling and pain in the same way as ice. However, what makes the product different is that you can put the applicator inside the anus to help in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids.

  • It resembles a small bottle made of plastic which contains a cold and gel-like substance which helps treat hemorrhoids.
  • This can be used for several times a day over the week or within several days for further effectiveness.
  • The product must be applied for 2 to 4 times a day for around 5 minutes. The time of application can also be longer, specifically for users with severe case of hemorrhoids.
  • It must also be kept inside the freezer for maintaining the frozen state.

Check out the excellent video guide below that illustrates step by step on how to use Anuice.

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Is It Effective and Safe?

One thing to remember is that Anuice is not really a medication.

Instead, it is a medical device which works like cryotherapy (freezing cold therapy) just as how some doctors get rid of hemorrhoids during in-office visits.

This is non-invasive, making it safe for both children and adults as well as pregnant women without any known side effects, when this product is used according to the instructions.

All in all, this FDA-certified treatment for hemorrhoid comes positive as far as safety and effectiveness are concerned.
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Anuice Reviews: The Verdict and Alternatives

If you want to finally say goodbye to your hemorrhoids, Anuice could be one solution you might want to include in your list of treatment options.

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While topical hemorrhoids removal solution like Anuice can provide temporary local relief to the hemorrhoid symptoms like swelling and itching, at most times it does not address the root-cause of hemorrhoids, such as straining during bowel movements.

So how can we get rid of hemorrhoids more effectively by improving our internal body system?
Formule H Reviews Hemorrhoid

One leading over the counter dietary supplement for hemorrhoids is Formule H, which does not just relieve the symptoms, but it helps to cure hemorrhoids from inside the body.

Formule H contains 100% natural certified organic ingredients that are formulated to repair and protect hemorrhoidal veins to offer long-term hemorrhoid relief.
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