Bazuka Sub Zero Review: Does Freeze Treatment Work?

Bazuka Sub Zero is an over the counter product that allows ‘Freeze’ treatment of warts and verrucas at home – based on the Cryotherapy method used by doctors and dermatologists to remove surface skin lesions.

Let’s comprehensively review through Bazuka sub zero freeze wart remover, bazuka sub zero instructions, does bazuka sub zero work, and what are the other alternate wart removal products for comparison.


Understand Cryotherapy Wart Removal

Cryotherapy, also called Cryosurgery, refers to a treatment in which surface skin lesions like warts are frozen and destroyed using liquid nitrogen.

Doctor or dermatologist first applies liquid nitrogen to and around the warts to freeze the tissue, then the tissue is allowed to thaw. The time of application alongside the number and length of freeze/thaw cycles vary by the doctor who applies the liquid nitrogen, the size and thickness of the warts. Several treatments may be required.

Cryotherapy is usually performed in doctor’s office, in which the patient may have a mild to moderate burning sensation during the treatment, with scarring is a risk.


Bazuka Sub Zero Review: How Does It Work

Manufactured in UK, Bazuka Sub Zero works by freezing the wart or verruca to cause the formation of a blister underneath the wart or verruca which helps it to loosen and fall off, often within a couple of weeks or so of freezing, revealing the new and healthy skin underneath.

Bazuka Sub-Zero is generally suitable for adults, the elderly and children at least 4 years old.

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Bazuka Sub Zero Instructions: How To Use

1. Bazuka Sub Zero comes with a freezing kit that comprises:

• an aerosol can containing a freezing agent and fitted with a hollow spout

• 12 disposable foam applicators for up to 12 freeze applications

• a special dome-shaped safety cap, imprinted with ON and OFF on opposite sides, which is used to ‘charge’ the foam applicator with the freezing agent.

2. Before freezing, soak the wart or verruca in warm water for a few minutes to make it more susceptible to treatment. After drying, gently file it with an emery board or pumice stone.

3. Freeze the wart at fortnightly intervals. If you have several warts or verrucas located close to one another, freeze the warts separately, one at a time.

4. When freezing warts or verrucas on the back of the hands or on the top of the feet and toes, be especially careful not to freeze for too long, and wiggle the fingers or toes gently during freezing.


Bazuka Sub Zero For Genital Warts / Skin Tags?

As indicated in the product instruction leaflet, Bazuka Sub Zero is for treatment of warts and verrucas.

It is not recommended to use Bazuka Sub Zero off-label for skin tag removal, while you are advised not to ‘freeze’ your genital warts by yourself but should choose other safer option – such as genital wart removal solution instead.

Does Bazuka Sub Zero Freeze Treatment Work?

The customer reviews on Bazuka Sub Zero has been mixed, with examples of positive reviews as below.

Feedback #1:

Had to use this twice but this does work if you follow the instructions. Would buy again if required. Much more effective than gels that are available (and faster). / by Fuel

Feedback #2:

This produce does as it says and is quick and easy to use. It was straight forward to set up and repeat usage. / by GLG

Feedback #3:

This treatment has almost removed my wart but do follow the instructions. / by M.F.Foote

However, there are quite some negative reviews that Bazuka Sub Zero is not effective, like feedback below:

Feedback #4:

Apart from turning my skin white for a few days, this product does absolutely zero to “bazuka that verruca”. Eventually in desperation I even applied it for twice the recommended time – it still made no difference whatsoever. / by Bloo

Feedback #5:

I have never seen such a bad product. Despite reading the leaflet properly and doing what is supposed to be done after “assembling” the product the freezing liquid started spritzing out of the can through the plastic dome cap and onto my hands!!! Highly dangerous – do not buy or use! / by Joanna

Feedback #6:

I have used bazuka sub-zero on the same small wart on 5 occasions over two months. It does not work. Don’t waste your money and instead buy something else. / by MK1

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What Are The Other Over-The-Counter Wart Remover Options?

As the Bazuka Sub Zero reviews and consumer feedback have been mixed, let’s compare Bazuka Sub Zero with some of the alternate OTC wart removal solutions for consideration.

Refer below, or check out this comprehensive OTC wart remover guide for you to make an educated decision:

#1 Bazuka Sub Zero vs Dr Scholl Freeze Away Wart Remover

For those who are looking for OTC product that allows ‘Freeze’ treatment of warts at home, Dr Scholl Freeze Away Wart Remover as top selling freeze wart remover at Amazon is a better option than Bazuka Sub Zero.

As freezing approach may cause pain that is especially not suitable for children, the alternate solution is OTC topical wart removal cream / gel / liquid, such as:

#2 Warticide Warts Removal Solution

Warticide Reviews Wart Removal

Warticide topical solution contains natural tea tree oil, cedar leaf (Thuja) oil and salicylic acid to treat warts (including genital warts and verrucas) with convenient dropper.

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Bazuka Sub Zero Review Summary

Bazuka Sub Zero is a home use ‘freeze’ treatment for warts and verrucas based on the cryotherapy method used by doctors.

As there are mixed feedback on Bazuka Sub Zero’ effectiveness in warts and verruca treatment, recommend to explore other OTC wart remover options for comparison before making purchase decision.

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