Benadryl for Hives Treatment: Good Solution or Hives Still Not Going Away?

Benadryl for Hives Treatment
There it is again:

Your body is covered in red itchy hives rash, and you are in desperate need for a solution that can get back your quality of life.

So is Benadryl good for hives treatment?

What is the alternative if hives not going away with Benadryl?


Benadryl Hives Treatment: How Does It Work?

According to WebMD, doctor may prescribe Benadryl (diphenhydramine) as the most commonly used drug for hives relief.

Benadryl is an antihistamine used for treating allergic reactions by reducing the effects of Histamine – a natural chemical in our body that can produce symptoms of itching, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes.

Antihistamines work by blocking histamine in the skin that can cause allergy symptoms like hives. An antihistamine like Benadryl won’t cure the hives, but it may help reduce the number of hives while provide relief to the itching and swelling caused by hives.

The video below gives an excellent overview on what you need to know about diphenhydramine (DPH) and Benadryl.
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Benadryl Dosage for Hives: Directions and Side Effects

Normally, doctor may prescribe Benadryl 4 times daily as dosage for hives treatment on adults.

While how fast does Benadryl work on hives and its results vary among individual, this antihistamine usually takes effect that lasts for 6 to 8 hours.

Patients are usually advised to continue taking this diphenhydramine 4 times per day, until the hives are gone for at least 12 hours.

If you have large numbers of hives that continue to appear, doctor may prescribe a bigger dose of this diphenhydramine drug plus adding other medications. Consult your doctor if:

  • You have severe hives that do not get better after 2 doses of Benadryl.
  • Your hives itch does not get better after taking this diphenhydramine for 24 hours.
  • Your hives rash last more than 1 week after taking this medicine.

A main side effect of this drug is drowsiness in some people which can make you drowsy, so your doctor may tell you to take it at night. Nonetheless, there is no need to wake up at night just to take Benadryl medicine when you are not experiencing itching, unless you are very restless and not sleeping well due to the unbearable itchiness and burning effect from hives.
Important notes:

  • Use the diphenhydramine drug as prescribed by doctor or exactly as directed on the label. Do not use in larger amounts or for longer than recommended; Ensure do not take more than 6 doses of Benadryl in a 24-hour period.
  • Avoid hot showers or baths and tight clothing during or just after an episode of hives.
  • If you experience drowsiness or dizziness after taking the Diphenhydramine, avoid driving, operating machinery, or performing other hazardous activities.
  • Contact doctor immediately if you encounter severe reaction with swelling of the throat.


OTC Benadryl Cream / Solution For Hives

Benadryl is also available over the counter without a prescription.

It is available in the form of oral tablets, topical anti-inch cream / gel, and liquid solution.

These OTC diphenhydramine products can help to relieve the itching and swelling caused by hives breakout.

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User Reviews: Is Benadryl Good For Hives.. or Not Working?

While this diphenhydramine drug is a good option with proven efficacy for hives relief –

Just like any medication, it does have its shortfalls and complaints per user reviews and results:

  • Benadryl may not work very quickly when it is consumed as oral tablets or capsules.
  • Diphenhydramine can cause drowsiness as adverse effects, so it is not suitable to be taken during daytime especially when the hives patient is driving or working.
  • There are cases that Benadryl was not working for hives, like the feedback below whereby hives simply not going away with Benadryl per user experience and results:

mdearrington commented via thebump Forum: “…he broke into horrible hives. It started on his cheeks then spread. After two bites he was turning red so we took it away and dosed him with benadryl. After about 20 minutes the hives were getting worse, including his lips swelling and becoming bubbly…”
Ian feedback via PeoplesPharmacy: “…I broke out in hives on my buttocks, lower back, and right shoulder blade. I took Benadryl thinking that it has a high anti-histamine content before going to bed only to wake up with the reactions still present…”

ersatzkat shared the experience via metafilter forum: “…I had my first and only severe hive breakout a few years ago… My doctor prescribed OTC Benadryl which worked for a few hours, but then the hives would flare up even worse than before after the medication wore off….”
Pat from Vancouver commented via Topix forum: “…My daily hives started Christmas day. Benadryl helped but hives still keep coming back daily…”

One of the biggest concern on Benadryl is its side effects, in which CBC New York and Stanford University Psychiatrist Dr. Barbara Sommer revealed research evidences that show this diphenhydramine drug may cause more severe side effects like increase the risk of damentia (brain disease).


Benadryl Alternative: Natural OTC Product For Hives Relief

As different body may have different reaction towards the same medication –

In case you are allergic to Benadryl or your hives still won’t go away with antihistamine, an over the counter solution that can be considered as alternative is homeopathic product.

Homeopathy is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself, in which homeopathy as a system of alternative medicine was founded in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany and has been widely practiced nowadays.
Hives Treatment ProductFor example, the medical professionals at Biogetica offer integrated natural healing solutions by combining traditional medicine systems with modern science.

As a complementary natural care for hives (Urticaria), the Biogetica Deliverance Kit with Skin Itch 30 UTR Formula combines Resonance Homeopathic remedies and Advanced Ayurvedic herbs – to provide a holistic solution that addresses the root cause.

The natural ingredients will provide relief on intolerably hives symptoms by fighting against itchiness and rashes, as well as regulate body immunity to stop overreacting to allergens and prevent future attacks.

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