Trichloroacetic Acid Wart Mole Removal: TCA Peel Solution

While Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) has been widely used for skin peel cosmetic procedure –

the uses of TCA peeling has evolved to become an over the counter solution of various skin conditions, like getting rid of warts, moles, and skin tags.

So does trichloroacetic acid wart removal really work, including genital warts as well?


What Is Trichloroacetic Acid: MSDS, Protein Precipitation..

trichloroacetic acid wart removal genitalTrichloroacetic acid is a colorless deliquescent chemical with sharp pungent odor.

TCA has been used by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for beauty cosmetic purposes, whereby TCA is most commonly used as skin peeling agent to destroy parts of the skin in a controlled way so that new skin can grow in its place.

As trichloroacetic acid is highly irritant and corrosive to body tissue, TCA solution should only be applied to the skin at a controlled concentration by trained personnel like dermatologists, physicians, and skin care professionals.

Over the years, TCA is made available OTC for treatment of various skin conditions.

So how does TCA trichloroacetic acid work for HPV wart and skin mole removal?


#1 Trichloroacetic Acid Wart Removal: HPV Genital Warts

Here are what the experts say:

And below are some actual user cases that testify TCA peeling helps to get rid of warts, including genital warts:

trichloroacetic acid wart removal genitalWhathappend81 shared the usage of Trichloroacetic acid TCA for genital warts removal in HPV Support forum: ‘I had the TCA a few weeks ago in and around my pubic hair. While they were putting the acid on it stated to burn for 10 to 20 minutes, I just laid there with my legs spread while it dried. The burning was the worst part and it was no like unbearable. I had mild itching while it was healing not bad at all. The healing takes a like a month, cause I sill have some redness and it’s been a month, but it did take the big noticeable warts away. I still have some little ones..’

Xyan Adkisson commented: ‘Applied with clean cuetip. Be careful and apply conservatively. Burns when applying. Turn spots to white. Scabbed. Wart gone in 7-14 days. Length of scabbing duration varies by amount applied.’

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#2 TCA Plantar / Common Wart Removal: Medical Study

According to medical research results published by the US National Library of Medicine:

  • Clinical study on 62 patients shows that TCA is effective for common warts clearance.
  • TCA peel 80% is more effective than TCA 35% in common wart treatment, but this high concentration level of trichloroacetic acid solution must be used only with careful consideration by a doctor or physician.

trichloroacetic acid wart removal TCA
Additionally, below are some actual user reviews on the efficacy of trichloroacetic acid 80% in removing plantar warts on feet and common warts on hand:

trichloroacetic acid wart removal genitalAT77498 shared TCA plantar warts treatment experience: ‘I used this to remove the wart on the bottom of my kid’s foot. Applied with q-tip twice a week apart and everything is gone.’
William A. Windham of Palm Bay, FL USA feedback: ‘TCA works better than anything I have ever used for removing warts. Freezing and didn’t do anything for the wart that I had on my thumb. I used this a couple of times on that wart and it fell off completely a few days later.’

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#3 TCA Mole Removal With Chemical Peel: User Reviews

Lisa H. of Turlock, CA USA shared her trichloroacetic acid mole removal experience: ‘Works perfectly. I used this product in the 80% pure form for a few moles.. I dabbed it on the pencil eraser-sized mole several times with a q-tip like the instructions said.. It began to burn very mildly shortly after and turned bright white.. Then about 12 hours later it started itching very mildly around the area of the mole and the mole was still white.. The next day the mole was black and brown like a scab. It started to lift on the edges. 3 days later it was really starting to peel up on the edges so I pulled one edge gently and the whole burnt mole came off.. 10 days later I have a nearly healed pink spot where the mole was and no sign of any abnormal skin.’
trichloroacetic acid wart removal genital
Stephanie Kemp said, ‘I used this on two of my smaller moles by my chest area that were a medium brown color. I bought the neutralizing with it. I used this 4 times on each (once a week) and they are now light pink… It did sting but not as bad as I thought. Very satisfied with the results so far!’

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#4 Trichloroacetic Acid Skin Tags Removal: User Reviews

T. Shepp of Florida feedback: ‘This works very well. It does sting when applying (a lot, but doesn’t last long), but it took away some very stubborn skin tags, and a mole. Just take it easy when applying to your skin, a little goes a long way. It might take some time but they will go away.’
tca peel 50

Thaddeus S. of Woodstown, NJ United States said ‘Burns for a few minutes when you put it on, but it will remove skin tags. Be careful and apply sparingly with a Q-tip. Reapply once per day trying to keep product off surrounding skin area. Tag will dry up and fall off, and a scab will form that will fall off in a few days. Result is very satisfactory.’

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#5 Trichloroacetic Acid for Tattoo Removal: User Reviews

Nicole Gabriel of Indianapolis, Indiana feedback: ‘I used this to remove a tattoo. Please nutralize once it starts to frost. Made that mike to a long time to heal. But if you follow directions it does work.’
tca peel 50
Daisy commented: ‘I am using this for tattoo removal and I have to say that it has faded my tattoo a lot. It does burn quite a bit but a baking soda and water paste soothes it and stops the burning immediately!’

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Other Trichloroacetic Acid Uses With Success Stories

  • Acne removal.
  • Dark pigmentation, dark age spots, brown spots.
  • Face peeling.
  • Freckles removal.
  • Milia cysts.
  • Raised blackhead.
  • Scars reduction.
  • Sebhorreic keratosis.
  • Skin rejuvination.
  • Stretch marks removal.
  • Sun spots, sun damaged skin.
  • Xanthelasma
  • … and much more

>> Learn more detailed user reviews on their TCA usage and experience

For instance, Denim Vixen shares her 20% TCA face peel experience with neutralizer in the video below, alongside the step by step guide on how to apply topical trichloroacetic acid.


Trichloroacetic Acid Side Effects & Warnings You Must Know

Just as the Trichloroacetic acid MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) stated, TCA is highly irritant and corrosive to body tissue, whereby TCA

  • is a corrosive irritant to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.
  • may cause severe burns and is highly irritating to the eyes and skin.
  • may induce side effects like burning, swelling, tenderness.

While medical experts warn that TCA solution should only be applied to the skin at a controlled concentration by trained personnel like dermatologists and physicians –

It is important for users to recognize the risk of self-applying TCA, that the application instructions must be strictly followed. Be careful of not to get any TCA on the surrounding skin.

It is advised to always consult a qualified dermatologist or physician for usage of TCA solution.
The biggest TCA side effect?

TCA burns – as testified by the user feedback below:

* ‘I had warts in my anus… I was treated with an acid solution of 90% TCA and Pedofolin that was applied directly to my warts. The doctor told me it might burn, and it did a little for 20 minutes… The next day it started burning so bad, I thought i was going to pass out. Going to the bathroom was horrible! The pain was so bad. – feedback via HPV FAQ forum.

* ‘It burns like a heater after 16 seconds. I was dancing and fanning to keep it on as long as I could..’ – by Aliyah A. Abdullah of Harleston SC on TCA 30%.

* ‘I have had 3 TCA treatments. Let me just say in all honesty… nothing can prepare you for that kind of pain! It hurts REALLY bad when they first put in on with the cotton swab, like a really intense stinging sensation, makes you clamp really clamp up.’ – by Loveme via HPV Support forum.

* ‘This stuff is strong!! I felt like Satan was breathing down on my face the whole 60 seconds! Yes, I could only tolerate 60 seconds of this stuff!’ – by Alex Reads on TCA 50%.

Note: In case you are exploring TCA alternative to avoid the burning sensation and TCA self-application risk – Nevi Skin with all natural herbal extracts is a sound option which is formulated to remove warts (including genital warts), skin mole, skin tag, and syringoma. >> Read Nevi-Skin topical cream full review


How To Apply Trichloroacetic Acid For Warts Removal

The California Department of Health Care Services indicate the clinical practice of TCA treatment for genital warts as follows:

  • First treat warts in skin regions that are more keratinized, such as the labia majora, since the acid is less likely to cause a painful burning sensation. Paint sensitive skin areas, such as perianal and clitoral lesions, last.

  • Carefully apply the TCA solution with a cotton swab by painting each lesion in layers until snow-white.

  • If necessary, hasten drying by fanning the treated skin or applying heat from a lamp.

  • Once the TCA has dried, neutralize the acid by application of a cold water compress.

  • Avoid TCA contact with non-involved skin; if run-off, absorb with tissue or gauze. The use of petrolatum or zinc oxide to protect uninvolved skin is optional.

  • Advise the client to use a sitz-bath or cool water compress if there is post-treatment skin irritation.


Choosing TCA Skin Peel Of Various Concentration Strength

With trichloroacetic acid chemical peel of various concentration level available in the market, how to select TCA peel kit for different uses may be challenging.
Basic general guideline as below, while always begin with a lower strength peel:

  • TCA 12.5%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50% for superficial and light peels:
  • such as skin peeling, face peeling, tattoo removal, freckles, dark spots, etc.

  • TCA peel 50%, 80% for medium depth and deep peels:
  • such as removal of warts, moles, skin tags, acne, etc.

How about TCA 100 peeling solution?

With trichloroacetic acid is highly corrosive, we can see from these customer reviews on TCA 100% concentrated chemical skin peel solution that some users self-diluted the TCA 100 prior usage on their skin.

Where To Buy Trichloroacetic Acid

Various concentrations of TCA are available for sale at Amazon, with the recommended TCA supplier is Erlenmeyer’s Laboratory, LLC.

>> Check out TCA options / price at alongside useful user reviews and their experience sharing on using over the counter trichloroacetic acid for self treatment.

TCA Warts Removal: Over The Counter Alternatives

If you prefer OTC solution to get rid of warts but have concern on the TCA’s corrosive characteristic and potential side effects like burning –

Here are the useful review guides that can help you to make an educated decision when exploring other OTC wart remedies:

Nevi Skin Wart Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome

For instance, Nevi-Skin is a topical cream formulated with natural herbal extracts to treat HPV genital warts, plantar warts (verrucas), and common warts. Nevi-Skin cream is also formulated to treat skin moles, skin tags, and syringoma.

>> Check out comprehensive Nevi-Skin review.
>> Find out more at Nevi-Skin official website.

Trichloroacetic Acid Wart Removal: The Verdict

The usage of TCA has evolved greatly, including trichloroacetic acid wart removal in which its efficacy has been proven by medical research results and actual user reviews feedback.

Nonetheless, medical experts warn that the highly corrosive TCA solution should only be applied to the skin at a controlled concentration by trained personnel like dermatologists. Thus over the counter TCA user must follow the application instructions strictly to avoid trichloroacetic acid side effects like severe burning.

Various concentrations of TCA are available for sale at, with useful user reviews and feedback for TCA self-treatment reference.
Have you used TCA for removal of warts or mole before? Leave a comment below!

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Virasal Coupon and Generic Wart Remover Solution Reviews

If you are looking for Virasal coupon and cost/rebate info as part of your wart remover solution –

Check out this review post that combs through its ingredients, its generic application directions and side effects, customer reviews on Virasal effectiveness, does it still exist in the market, and comparison of Virasal vs the OTC wart remover alternatives.


Virasal Generic Wart Remover Ingredients

The active ingredient of Virasal topical film-forming liquid is Salicylic Acid (keratolytic), which is a common ingredient used to treat skin disorders such as warts, acne, dandruff, and corns.


Virasal For Warts Removal Solution Reviews

Virasal Wart Remover
Virasal is used to treat plantar warts (verrucas) and common warts.

It is a keratolytic (peeling agent) with salicylic acid strength of 275 mg/mL (27.5%), causes shedding of the outer layer of skin, and cause the wart to gradually peel off.

This medication is also used to help remove corns and calluses.

This product should not be used on the face or on moles, birthmarks, warts with hair growing from them, and genital/anal warts.

Win The War of Warts eGuide Cover PageExclusive: Click here to download a 108 pages evidence-based warts removal guide in PDF document. This FREE guide combines medical research results, user experience, demo videos, pro and con analysis, the recommendations and actionable advice into one-stop epic resource to help you get rid of warts.


Virasal Directions: How To Use

Follow the application instructions of Virasal or per doctor consultation, with its generic directions as below:

1. Soak the corn, callus, or wart in warm water for about 5 minutes to soften the treatment area. Dry thoroughly.

2. Apply a few drops or a thin coat of the medication to cover the entire wart, callus, or corn using the applicator if provided. Let dry for 5 minutes. You may cover the area loosely with a bandage.

3. Repeat this procedure 1 to 2 times daily for up to 2 weeks for corns and calluses, and 12 weeks for warts.


Virasal Side Effects

Side effects may include burning, skin rash, skin redness, itching or hives, peeling, and swelling.

If any of these effects worsen, consult doctor or pharmacist immediately.
Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal

Virasal Effectiveness and Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on Virasal have been generally negative, with examples of actual user feedback as below:

Feedback #1:

My son was battling warts for a couple of years. I took him to dermatologist. We used beetle juice and later we froze them. Neither worked. I purchased virasal, used it twice a day and that didn’t work either. They just kept growing. / by kmiyam1 @ abchomeopathy

Feedback #2:

After daily use for 6 months the planters wart on my foot is still there. / by Wm @ WebMD


Virasal Coupon – Cost and Rebate

For those who are checking out to buy Virasal, the key question is not to search for its coupon / cost / rebate information, but whether does Virasal still exist in the market?

Refer the snapshot below, whereby there is no sign of Virasal at Amazon / Walgreens / Walmart, and this product has not been heard in the market for years.

Buy Virasal and Coupon Cost


Virasal vs OTC Wart Remover Alternatives

As the Virasal customer reviews have been generally negative while it does not seem to be still in the market –

Let’s compare Virasal with some of the alternate OTC wart remover solutions, with below comparison table and key summary.






Product ImageVirasal Wart RemoverWartrol Wart Remover at at HowToGetRidOfWartsHomeWartrin Wart Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHomeNevi Skin Wart Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome
Ingredients27.5% salicylic acid + Isopropyl alcohol etc17% salicylic acid + Ethyl alcohol etc5% salicylic acid + Tea Tree oil,Vitamin E etcAll natural herbal extracts
Plantar / Common Wart TreatmentYesYesYesYes
Genital Wart TreatmentNoNoYesYes


1. Virasal vs Wartrol

As a like-for-like alternative/replacement of Virasal, Wartrol is a liquid wart remover formulated with 17% Salicylic acid as active ingredient, and inactive ingredients such as Ethyl alcohol and Menthol etc.

The Wartrol “Maximum Strength” OTC fast-acting liquid wart remover in the market is formulated to remove plantar warts (verrucas) and common/flat warts, however it is not a solution for genital warts – just like Virasal.

>> Check out comprehensive Wartrol reviews.

2. Virasal vs Wartrin

Wartrin is an OTC wart removal cream formulated with 5% Salicylic acid as active ingredient, and natural ingredients such as Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E etc as inactive ingredients, for genital wart treatment in addition to removal of plantar warts and common/flat warts.

>> Check out comprehensive Wartrin reviews.

3. Virasal vs Nevi-Skin by DermalMeds

For those who prefers all-natural OTC wart removal solution, Nevi-Skin is a topical treatment cream formulated with natural herbal extracts for removal of genital warts, mosaic warts, plantar warts, and hand warts. Nevi-Skin cream is also formulated to treat moles on the skin and face, skin tags and syringoma.

>> Check out comprehensive Nevi-Skin reviews.

Virasal Review Summary

Virasal is a Salicylic acid based topical liquid used to treat skin conditions such as warts and acne.

The customer reviews have been generally negative, while Virasal does not seem to still exist in the market.

As such, it is not recommended to continue pursue this product, including spend time looking for Virasal coupon/price info. Wart patients are advised to explore other OTC wart remover options.

Win The War of Warts eGuide Cover PageHave You Forgotten This Exclusive FREE Bonus? Click here to download a 108 pages evidence-based warts removal guide in PDF document – combining medical research results, user experience, demo videos, the recommendations and actionable advice into one-stop epic resource to help you get rid of warts.


Tea Tree Oil for Genital Warts and Plantar Wart Removal: Does It Work?

More often than not, warts will go away without any help.

This could take a long time, though.

We should also remember that HPV wart virus might spread, so it is important to seek immediate treatment as soon as warts appear.

With complementary and alternative medicines such as tea tree oil have enjoyed increased popularity in recent decades and widely available over the counter —

Is tea tree oil good for wart removal?

Tea Tree Oil for Genital Warts and Plantar Wart Removal

Derived from the leaves of tea tree, tea tree oil is widely used to treat various skin conditions such as acne, nail fungal infections, and insect bites.

According to report published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, tea tree oil is incorporated as the active ingredient in many topical formulations used to treat cutaneous infections due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
As such, this essential oil has emerged as a popular home treatment for warts (eg. genital warts and plantar wart), with below is a common procedure of how to remove warts with tea tree oil:

Step 1: Wash your warts and dry them as well as the area that surrounds these.

Step 2: Apply a drop of pure tea tree oil to your wart and place a bandage over it. You could also apply tea tree oil to the bandage’s pad if that’s easier.

Step 3: Leave this bandage overnight or for a total of 8 hours.

Step 4: Gently remove the bandage, then wash the area. You can also remove the bandage during the day and put fresh one on at night, or place a fresh bandage with tea tree oil.

Step 5: Repeat the steps 1 through 4 daily until the warts fall off or disappear – which will generally take between 1-4 weeks.
In video below, Dr. Holly Lucille elaborates the steps of warts removal using tea tree oil as naturopathic medicine.


Where To Buy Tea Tree Oils

Tea tree oil can be purchased in most pharmacies and major stores, while also offers a good variety of tea tree oil brands with below are the best sellers:


Tea Tree Oil for Warts Removal Review: Does It Work?

The results of using tea tree oil as home wart removal remedy are generally mixed, with below examples of experience sharing and forum feedback:

michaelshane commented via CureZone: “My 14 year old daughter had a wart the size of a small pea, on top of her hand, right at the knuckle… Every moring she would put a drop of tea tree oil on the wart an cover it with a bandaid. At night she remove the bandaid add another drop of tee tree oil then place her hand in a latex free glove. She would wear the glove all night. The next day she repeated the treatment… In that week the wart was mostly disolved. The wart was almost invisible to the eye.”
Miss_F shared her experience via eHealth Forum: “Pure Tea tree oil can be very damaging to the skin – particularly in sensitive areas. I tried it and it irritated the hell out of my nether region! .. I got some vaseline, emptied half out and melted it by sitting the container in hot water. I added a few drops of pure tea tree oil, gave it a good mix and just applied the mix with a cotton bud directly to the genital wart. It’s not gone yet but it is definitely shrinking. It will obviously take a bit longer due to the fact I am using a very weak solution of tea tree – but I’d rather that than using pure tea tree and hurting the hell out of myself again.”
Accutane Dude commented via HealthBoards: “I’m a male who has genital warts.. The last couple of days I applied tea tree oil. It burns… What is concerning me a bit is that after I washed it off yesterday they became really red and swollen..”

As indicated, while there are user testimonials that successfully get rid of warts using tea tree oils, the potential side effects of this method include burning sensation, swollen skin, etc.

Additionally, the University of Maryland Medical Center warned:

“DO NOT Use Tea Tree Oil Internally”

Other Home Remedy Combinations with Tea Tree Oils

Indeed, many people use tea tree oils together with other home remedies for wart treatment –

Option #1: Tea Tree Oil with Aloe Vera

For those who don’t know, aloe vera also has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. To use it with tea tree oil, combine equal amount of tea tree oil with aloe vera gel. Then, stir the mixture well and apply it on the areas affected. You can wrap the applied area with a bandage or a gauze. Leave this on for several hours overnight and wash this off with water and reapply the same process on a regular basis.

Option #2: Tea Tree Oil with Apple Cider Vinegar

The excellent video below shows a step by step actual case study on how to use combination of tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and oregano oil to help get rid of 2 plantar warts for a kid. The video also contains before and after pictures of how plantar warts on feet dried up, turned black, and fell off after using this wart removal approach.


Option #3: Tea Tree Oil with Carrier Oil

Combine 4 to 5 drops of tea tree oil in carrier oil such as avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil. Apply the mixture on the warts. Gently massage it for a few minutes and leave this on for another several minutes. You may leave this overnight and rinse with water. Repeat it every day.

Option #4: Tea Tree Oil with Warm Water and Table Salt

The process will help you treat the warts on your feet and hands. Combine 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of salt and 5L of warm water. Soak your feet or hands with warts in this water for about 10 to 15 minutes during night time and continue to do this process for 5 to 10 days.

Option #5: Tea Tree Oil with Garlic

You may place 2 to 4 drops of pure tea tree oil on your warts before you go to bed. Cover the affected area with some crushed garlic and wrap this with a bandage. Leave this overnight and repeat the process each night for up to 3 weeks.

Tea Tree Oil for Wart Removal Reviews: The Verdict

Tea tree oil is widely known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

While there are success stories of using tea tree oils for warts, there do have actual wart removal experience sharing that indicate this home remedy may have potential side effects like burning sensation, pain, swollen skin, etc.
If you are looking for alternative treatment options to get rid of genital warts and plantar warts at home, check out the comprehensive review guides below to learn more on over the counter wart removers and make an educated decision:

Nevi Skin Mole Skin Tag Wart RemoverBest Wart Removal Topical Cream: Nevi-Skin

Nevi-Skin is a popular topical cream formulated with all natural herbal extracts to remove warts (including genital warts), skin tags, and moles effectively with proven results.

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