Can Warts on Hand Spread to Genital: Ask The Experts

Can Warts on Hand Spread to GenitalIn the heat of the moment…

“Wait, do you have a condom?”

It is a common embarrassment that kinda kills the mood.

Here comes another scenario.

In the moment of intimate contact, your hand starts slipping down her body…

“Wait… Can warts on your hand spread to my genital?”


Can Hand Warts Spread to Girlfriend’s Vagina?

Iarry of Hubert NC shared his concern:

I have 3 warts on my index finger and middle finger and i was concerned that if my finger was to enter my girlfriend’s vagina, that she could get genital warts or warts infecting that area. Is this right?

There are also general comments and questions if warts on hand can spread to genital through self-infection:

Comment #1:

Literally just came back from my doctors, and found out the wart from my hand spread to my genitals… I’m a virgin, and i’ve had no contact down there with any man, therefore i must have gave it to myself. / by Wartgirl, Ajax, Canada.

Comment #2:

I found several bumps on my vagina less than a week ago, a couple of weeks after i found a wart on my thumb… Went to a clinic, they told me the warts on my vagina were caused by the wart on my thumb. Finally saw my GP and she confirmed after careful examination.

Being female, the practice of using the washroom and wiping was enough to transmit the “true” warts from my thumb to my vagina. Though it is true that a “common” or “true” wart is a different strain than that which causes genital warts, i am a case where the common wart has infected my genitals. My GP quickly treated my problem to prevent spreading, but she also warned me that this could have been caused by a sexual encounter with someone who had a wart on their hand.

Guys with warts on your hands, be careful!  / by ‘just-diagnosed’, Canada.

Let’s recap.

Warts are caused by low-risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV) that are highly contagious.

Over the 100 HPV virus types, low risk HPV-6 and HPV-11 cause 90% of genital warts, while the different low risk strains like HPV-2 and HPV-7 may cause common warts on hand.

There are much debate on whether warts on hand can spread to genital area.

Some say yes, some say no.

The best way to find out? Check out this brief video.



What Do Experts Say: Can Warts On Hand Spread To Genital?


1. Common warts on the hand WILL NOT affect the genital area. [ Source: The University of Arizona ]

Common Warts on Hand Will Not Affect Genital Area


2. Hand warts are a different type of HPV than genital warts. We DO NOT transmit hand warts to genital area, and vice versa. [ Source: Palo Alto Medical Foundation ]

Hand Warts Do Not Transmit to Genital Area


3. If people could spread warts from their hands to their genitalia, every wart patient would be covered with warts. This DOES NOT Happen. [ Source: Dr Alan Rockoff MD of The Rockoff Dermatology Center ]

Warts from Hands Do Not Spread to Genitalia


4. In very rare cases, someone with HPV warts on their hands COULD PASS ON an infection by touching somebody else’s genitals. [ Source: NHS UK ]

HPV Warts on Hands Could Pass On To Genitals


5. IT DEPENDS. If the wart on a person’s hand is caused by a type of HPV that can also cause genital warts, then there is a chance that skin contact could cause genital warts. [ Source: Web MD ]

Skin Contact Could Cause Genital Warts


6. IT IS POSSIBLE for warts on the hand to be passed to the genitals but this is very rare. [ Source: The Family Planning Association (FPA) UK ]

Warts on Hand Possible Pass To Genitals


7. Our findings provide support for the view that genital warts MAY BE transmitted by hand-genital contact. [ Source: Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Monash University Alfred Hospital, Victoria, Australia. ]

Genital Warts May Be Transmitted by Hand Genital Contact


8. HPV transmission between the hands and genitals, as well as apparent self-inoculation (primarily in men), WERE OBSERVED. [ Source: Researchers of University of Hawaii / The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ]

HPV Transmission Between Hands and Genitals

By now you have the basic understanding that while there are much debate on whether warts on hand can spread to genital, there do have experts who are in the opinion that the risks exist.

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    i have warts on th lower part of my genis, does these can be passed to my wife?

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