Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Review: OTC Kit Working?

Canespro fungal nail treatment set by Bayer is an over the counter product designed to help get rid of unsightly fungus on toes and fingernails.

But does Canespro nail fungal kit really work with its ingredients, to provide solid before and after results per user reviews? 

What are the alternatives to cure nail infection at home?


Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Set: What Are Inside?

Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment review The Canespro nail fungal kit contains:

  • One 10g Tube of Canespro Urea 40% Ointment – formulated to soften the parts of the nail infected by the fungus, leaving healthy parts of the nail intact.
  • 22 Single-use Waterproof plasters – used to cover the urea ointment applied to the nail.
  • 1 Plastic Nail scrapper – used to remove the softened infected parts of the nail.

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Canespro Ingredients Overview: What Are They?

The active ingredient of Canespro ointment is Urea, which is a keratolytic emollient that is gentle yet potent tissue softener for nails and/or skin, says the DailyMed.

The other Canespro ingredients are:

  • Cera Alba, or Beeswax, is the substance that forms the structure of a honeycomb.
  • Lanolin, a fatty substance found naturally on sheep’s wool.
  • Paraffin, a petroleum-based wax that has hydrating effects on skin.
  • Silica, also known as Silicon dioxide, is a chemical compound made of silicon and oxygen.



Canespro Instructions and Directions: How To Use

  • Step 1: Soak the foot in warm water, dry thoroughly, apply a thin layer of Canespro urea ointment on the infected part of the nail.
  • Step 2: Cover the treated nail with a waterproof plaster provided in the set, and leave it for 24 hours.
  • Step 3: After 24 hours, remove the plaster, soak the nails in warm water for 10 minutes, and use the plastic tool included in the set to gradually remove the softened part of the nail.
  • Step 4: This treatment process should be done on a daily basis. Repeat for 2-3 weeks until the softened infected part of the nail is removed.
  • Manufacturer’s Recommendation: “Follow up treatment with an antifungal cream is recommended for 3-4 weeks. Ask your pharmacist for advice.”

Watch this Canespro video demonstrating how to use this fungal nail treatment set.


Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment User Reviews: The Drawback

The user reviews on Canespro have been mixed. While there are success stories testifying this product works, we summarize here the drawbacks with examples of actual user comments and forum feedback – as below:
#1: Why “Follow up treatment with an antifungal cream is recommended for 3-4 weeks”?

This is a very strange recommendation from the manufacturer, which indicates the manufacturer is not even confident that this product can effectively treat the nail fungus — and thus requires its users to further purchase other antifungal cream as follow up treatment?

As such, it is not surprised to see actual user feedback complaining that this nail fungal kit is not a complete solution, like below.

Simon416 feedback via Boots: “After 3 weeks I lost two thirds of my toe nail. The remaining nail was reduced in thickness. Excellent start. Sadly, the new nail is thick which suggests that the fungal infection has not been eliminated. I followed the treatment instructions to the full and I also used a anti fungal cream afterwards, as recommended. It would have been helpful if anti fungal cream had been supplied with this product. Canespro fungal nail product is not a complete treatment package and sadly did not work for me.”

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#2: Can this OTC product treat moderate to severe nail fungus?

If Canespro nail fungal kit needs further treatment cream, means it may work for mild nail fungus at best – but not for moderate to severe condition?

Niceglo17 commented in Mumsnet forum: “All 10 of my toe nails had progressively become totally infected over years and I did not have much joy at getting treatment that stopped the progression… last summer I saw Canespro and decided to try it. I saw an improvement within a few days of use – it started to remove the thick, thick layers I had. This alone brought relief in that my toes felt better sitting in my shoes. I also realised that it would take more than 1 packet of Canespro to make a difference. My toes were so infected that I had no decent nail left and was left with skin. The nails grew back over a few months but still infected. I did another box of treatment, but did not continue it…”

#3: You have to soak your nails every day for 2~3 weeks per instructions – Practical?

This is a mandatory step based on the application directions by the manufacturer, which may not be practical to all people to follow strictly. This indeed is a tedious step that is not required by other leading over the counter nail fungus treatment solutions (like Funginix).

CarryMag shared via Boots UK: “Was willing to give this a go as seemed more advanced home treatment. Was prepared to follow instructions to the letter but not easy when away for weekend. Lost most of nail after 10 days, but either plasters or ointment affected skin around nail which started to split and peel- painful. Still not sure all affected nail has gone but stopping treatment so that skin can recover.”

#4: Problems with the plasters supplied

There are quite some complaints about the plasters that comes together with the treatment set, whereby the plasters are not enough, do not always stick, etc.

lucky9381 feedback in Mumsnet forum: “If you have more than one nail infected there are nowhere near enough plasters. It would be good if you could buy more, but I just had to buy generic plasters and cut them to size… I’ve almost removed all of the infected nail so will start applying the anti-fungal cream soon. I’ve been using Canespro for about 3 weeks and will have to use the anti-fungal cream for another 3 weeks. I’ve removed a fair bit of my nails and won’t know for sometime if these products have worked.”

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Canespro Nail Treatment Review: Verdict and Alternatives

Canespro fungal nail treatment set is an OTC product designed to help remove fungus on nails, with its ingredients are Urea, Cera Alba, Lanolin, Paraffin, and Silica.

While the customer reviews on Canespro have been mixed, the most alerting observation and user complaint is the manufacturer’s instruction of “Follow up treatment with an antifungal cream is recommended for 3-4 weeks” –

indicating Canespro kit may not be complete solution, and requires its user to spend more money buying additional topical cream as follow up treatment.

As such, it’s understandable that some people may want to explore alternatives for nail fungus treatment at home, with below are the 2 leading nail fungus treatment solutions in the market, for you to make an educated purchase decision.
Option 1: Funginix

Funginix Reviews Scam or Does It Work for Fungus Treatment

The active ingredient of Funginix topical solution by Sisquoc Healthcare is Undecylenic Acid, a natural fatty acid extracted from castor oil.

Additionally, Funginix contains many other natural ingredients with clinically-proven antifungal properties – such as Clove oil, Sweet Almond oil, Lavender oil, Jasmine oil, Bearberry extract, Rose Hip Flower oil, etc.

>> Visit Funginix official website here to learn more.

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Option 2: ZetaClear

ZetaClear Spray and Oral Nail Fungus Removal

ZetaClear Homeopathic nail fungus treatment is a 2-Step resolution that combines Topical Solution with Homeopathic Spray:

  • Topical ZetaClear nail solution works under the surface to promote healthy nails, while smoothing and softening skin around the nail.
  • Oral homeopathic spray that delivers ingredients intended to fight nail fungus directly into the bloodstream that provides natural nail fungus relief.

>> Visit ZetaClear official website here to learn more.

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