Cold Sore Machine Reviews: LipZor vs Virulite Vygone Zapper

Cold sore is one of the unsightly and demoralizing skin infections, that only those who have this virus may completely understand how awful life is.

With eMedicineHealth reported that about 80%-90% of people in the U.S. have been exposed to Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 that cause cold sores, it is understandably that many sufferers look for solution to get rid of this viral skin infection fast, with cold sore machines have gained popularity over the years.

While there are only a handful of zappers with advanced technology that offer electronic cold sore treatment, you might still be wondering:

Which is the best cold sore machine – LipZor, Virulite, or Vygone / VyZapp?

This comprehensive review with comparison table will guide you through.


Option #1: LipZor Light Device For Cold Sores

lipzor light device for cold sores reviews
Lipzor cold sore zapper works by delivering a waveband of light to the affected area, helping to stimulate the skins healing system to stop cold sores in their tracks.

Lipzor works at any stage of a cold sore, including during the tingling and blister stage.

To use a LipZor cold sore treatment machine:

Step 1. Simply press the Start button on the device,
Step 2. Place the light emitting diodes over the affected area, and
Step 3. Keep the device over the area until the second beep sounds

LipZor normally requires just two treatments a day for 3 days, to significant reduce the healing time.

LipZor Reviews: What Do Users Say

The LipZor customer reviews have generally been positive:

list-style-green-tick-checkTinkerbell from South Wales UK feedback: “Having suffered one to many cold sores i decided to try this, when i first realise i am getting a cold sore i use this whenever i go to the bathroom, it does not feel uncomfortable to me. I must say i do notice that my cold sores only last a few days and healing is a lot quicker.”

list-style-green-tick-checkwm pearson said: “Bought this has a desperate attempt to rid myself of an recent outbreak, having suffered for years.. I was absolutely gutted I looked a mess and knew that it can take up to a month for these to heal entirely and I was concerned there would be further outbreaks. I had a look to find if there might be some resent recommendations to help heal, that’s when I discovered the LipZor laser light therapy. So did it work ? Well it certainly did!! I felt results immediately it took the nasty itching infectious feeling that occurs for the first few days and it defiantly aids the healing. I wish I had one of these in my 20s when I was suffering with cold sores on average once every 3 months.. If these results are found by everyone this thing could really change lives.”

list-style-green-tick-checkBritta from California commented: “This device is expensive.. I get cold sores about 4 to 5 times a year and they last long. Having tried all of the usual OTC products, I bought the Lipzor based on its positive reviews. It helped shorten the duration of my sores, and if I was able to catch them early enough and shining the Lipzor at them, they would not even form into real sores. What a relieve! I carry the Lipzor with me in my handbag just so I can get to my sores right away, should that ominous tickle occur.”

list-style-red-tick-crossPen Name feedback: “Already had the cold sore and applied it but it didn’t make it heal quicker. Will try when the next one starts to come..”
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Option #2: Virulite Cold Sore Machine

virulite cold sore cs machineDeveloped by practising MD and sold for almost a decade, Virulite is the only electronic device cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in cold sores treatment.

Virulite’s patented light technology at a waveband of 1072nm boost the body’s own natural immune response at the affected area to tackle the cold sore virus, which is clinically proven as supported by medical report published by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Virulite works at any stage of a cold sore, including during the blister or tingling stage, and it is easy to use:

Just activate the device to emit the light to the affected skin area for 3 minutes, repeat after 12 hours – and usually 2 treatments get the results.

Virulite cold sore machine also has built in self-timer that ensures a 3-minute treatment cycle (so no need to watch the clock), whilst a LED flashes to reassure the user that the treatment is taking place.

Virulite Reviews: What Do Users Say

The Virulite customer reviews have generally been positive (and comparable vs Lipzor):

list-style-green-tick-checkEd feedback: ‘I’ve suffered from cold sores for as long as I can remember… For the last couple of years, I focus on preventing the outbreak by protecting lips with SPF lip balm and taking zinc supplements. However, it didn’t stop them completely so I purchased the Virulite Cold Sore Machine. I’ve used it twice and so far it has worked both times. I used it at the ‘tingling’ stage and both times a full outbreak has been prevented… it stopped it from getting any bigger… 50% heal time compared to normal is about right too.’

list-style-green-tick-checkEmeraldE commented: ‘I am one of lifes skeptics but I bought this because I suffer horribly for the full 10 days with cold sores. They are always really big and filled with pus. Painful as well! I bought Virulite and it worked really well! Used it as directed with no adverse effects. By the end of the first day using it the lump had gone down, the blister much reduced and no ugly scab in sight. Well worth the money!’

list-style-green-tick-checkkris feedback: ‘I bought this after suffering cold sores for years. I get one bad one every 3 months which as you will know is awful for confidence. Since I got this machine I have had 2 cold sores and this is a fab product. I zap lots when the cold sore appears mines usually appear overnight. This machine stops it in its tracks. They have not fully came out and looked like I had a spot. They heal in a few days normally I had it on my face for 2 to 3 weeks til it had completely disappeared. This heals them so much quicker and makes them so much smaller. This really is a must. I have wasted money on creams and patches which are costly. This may be pricey but worth every penny.’

list-style-red-tick-crossSue Thompson feedback: “Bought once a cold sore had already started & maybe I was just too late. Used as per instructions but the sore lasted 14 days.. It may be that had I used it if I’d felt a tingle it might have stopped the outbreak; I just can’t say.”
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Option #3: VyZapp Cold Sore Zapping Machine

Made in the USA, VyZapp Viral Inhibitor is designed to treat cold sores and blisters by using “beta waves” to halt the eruptions, according to the manufacturer.

To use this device, follow the manufacturer directions as below:

VyZapp Cold Sore Device1. Cut Label and place cap over base for better grip.
2. Clean lipstick, gloss, balm, lotions, oils, etc from your lips and afflicted area and from the rounded probe tips.
3. Press probes across cleaned afflicted area, then push and release RED start-button.
4. Timed signals flow in one direction lighting a color then reverses direction lighting other color & off.
5. You may feel electro tickle & mild shock-like sensation at reversal.
6. Apply Viral Inhibitor 8-times daily. Repeat half- hourly if early & tingling, hourly if late & sores.
7. If all colors go on and machine stops it means your skin is too wet. Dry your skin and re-apply!
8. Replace cap over probes when finished.

>> Check out product details of VyZapp cold sore zapping machine

It is observed that as per VyZapp operating procedure indicated above, the user needs to “press the VyZapp probes on the cold sore afflicted area”, which means there is direct physical contact between the VyZapp device and the skin area infected by viral cold sore virus during the treatment – as shown in the photo on its product description page here.

With the Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 that causes cold sore is highly contagious, user is required to “clean the rounded probe tips” per instructions to prevent virus spread (just as Vygone zapper) — a tedious step that is not required/applicable to LipZor and Virulite that just need user to press button to emit the light to the affected skin area (without any physical contact).

VyZapp Reviews: What Do Users Say

list-style-green-tick-checkryman11 commented: “It may seem expensive for what it is, but it does work! I’ve had one now for several years and it consistently keeps my cold sores from getting all blistered up and oozy.”

list-style-green-tick-checkGerry stanewick feedback: “I had them for years and then a friend told me about this and I have never had one again. When you get that tingle in your lip or a sore lymphnode use it. The first one I had for 6 years. ”

list-style-red-tick-crossDavid feedback: “This product does NOT work! I had 2 cold sores in the last month (currently on my second one). Used the product intensively and as directed and it did absolutely nothing for me. The first cold sore lasted about 2 weeks, same time when using absolutely nothing for treatment.”
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Cold Sore Machines Comparison: LipZor vs Virulite vs VyZapp

Electronic cold sore treatment has gained popularity over the years, for cold sore sufferers to regain self esteem and commence to reside a normal life, mainly because:

  • Pain free light treatment is clinically proven (eg. 1072nm waveband) to treat cold sore fast without side effects, halves cold sore healing time.
  • The treatment is very convenient with hygenic application without touching the cold sore.
  • Cold sore machines are re-usable device with a replaceable battery – that allows unlimited uses and treatment of cold sores for future outbreaks.

While all the 3 cold sore machines received comparable ratings of 4.3 to 4.4 stars (out of 5.0) as feedback by actual users, testifying that all these 3 electronic devices deliver comparable promising results in getting rid of cold sores
We do not recommend VyZapp (and Vygone zapper) due to the following reasons, as there are certainly alternatives with better cost-effectiveness and usability/convenience:

  • VyZapp is the most expensive option among the 3 cold sore machines.
  • Users need to press VyZapp probes on cold sore afflicted area with direct contact.
  • Users are required to repeatedly perform additional step of cleaning the rounded probe tips.

Brand Name
Product Image
lipzor light device for cold sores reviews
virulite cold sore machine electronic treatment
VyZapp Cold Sore Device
Treatment TechnologyLight TreatmentLight TreatmentBeta Waves
Application InstructionPress button to emit light to the affected skin area without direct contactPress button to emit light to the affected skin area without direct contactPress VyZapp probes on cold sore afflicted area with direct contact
Remarks-The only electronic device cleared by the US FDA in cold sores treatmentNeed to clean the rounded probe tips
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Full Product DetailsLearn More Amber Button Without FrameLearn More Amber Button Without FrameLearn More Amber Button Without Frame
Recommendation / Ranking2list-style-green-tick-check1list-style-red-tick-cross3


Cold Sore Machine Reviews: The Verdict and Best Option

As shown in the comparison table above, while both LipZor and Virulite are using similar light technology for cold sore treatment with comparable user reviews testifying on their efficacy –

Virulite Cold Sore Machine is recommended as the Best option for people looking for a reliable cure to get rid of cold sores fast, with 2 key differentiating factors:

  • Virulite is much more cost effective, with LipZor’s price is about 40% to 50% higher than Virulite.
  • Virulite is the only electronic device that passed stringent criteria and cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration in cold sores treatment (as published at FDA’s website here) – a product quality standout.

virulite cold sore machine electronic treatmentIn summary, Virulite Cold Sore Machine is a FDA cleared electronic device that uses a patented light technology to heal the cold sores faster by stimulating your own body immune response naturally, without side effects.

The efficacy of this electronic cold sore light treatment zapper is proven with clinical results and actual user experience, while the device allows unlimited uses and treatment of cold sores for future outbreaks.

Virulite Cold Sore Machine is available to buy online at Virulite Official Website here for genuine product at best price.

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