Cold Sore Scab Fell Off: Turn Red or Too Soon – Now What?

Cold Sore Scab Fell Off Turn Red Too SoonCold sore or fever blister is one of the common viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus type 1.

An infected person has to go through five different cold sore stages within 7 to 12 days, including hard protective crust on the infected area that falls off eventually.

After cold sore scab fell off, turns red or too soon – now what?

Cold Sore Scab Stage: What Happens?

One common question is:

How to get rid of a cold sore scab?

You should resist the temptation to pick at the cold sore scab or remove it, because this will delay healing process while increase your risk of more infection. Cold sores generally last 7 to 12 days before the scab falls off and healing is complete, according to American Nurse Today.
Cold sore scab falling off is the last stage before getting healed. After the scabs fall off naturally, it leave behind a red or light pink skin which is generally flaky, dry and even swollen. During this stage, an infected person may experience painful splitting or cracking of the scabs.

Studies by the University of California San Diego indicate applying ice or recommended ointment can help prevent itching and bleeding. To keep the fever blister scab soft and to reduce irritation, you can also try using emollients containing aloe vera or zinc oxide.


After the Cold Sore Scab Fell Off – Is It Contagious?

According to Mayo Clinic, cold sore is still contagious even after the scab falls off in a natural way. Make sure not to share any types of utensils or even glasses until the infected area gets healed up completely and you are able to experience a healthy skin out there.
What to do after cold sore cold sore scab fell off early or turns red?
1. Do not touch the infected area

Cold sore scab falling off does not mean that you have been cured from the specific viral infection. It can certainly reappear and thereby it will be wise for you to prevent touching the specific infected area for at least 10 to 14 days after the scab fell off.

2. Don’t be over-exposed to sun

You should never get overexposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays because it can trigger the reappearance of the cold sore. Make sure to wear hat or use recommended ointment in order to prevent any harm to your skin.

3. Limit physical contact

After cold sore scab falls off, it will be wise for you to limit physical contact with your partner, and prevent sharing drinks with other people for at least 10 to 12 days after the cold sore scab falls off.

4. Make sure to prevent stress

Avoid mental stress to help prevent re-appearance of cold sore infection. Provide some relaxation to free your mind whenever necessary.

Cold Sore Treatment For All Cold Sore Stages

Cold sore devices with advanced technology that offer electronic cold sore treatment (such as pain-free light therapy) has gained popularity over the years, because they are convenient with hygenic application, and re-usable device with a replaceable battery allows unlimited uses and treatment of cold sores for future outbreaks.

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virulite cold sore machine electronic treatmentVirulite cold sore device uses a patented 1072nm light technology to heal the cold sores faster — by stimulating your own body immune response naturally without side effects, and halves cold sore healing time.

The efficacy of this electronic cold sore light treatment device is medically proven with clinical results, supported by actual user reviews and experience.
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Other Points To Take Note After Cold Sore Scab Fell Off

• How to prevent bleeding of cold sore scabs?

To soften scabs in order to prevent cracking and bleeding, it is recommended to apply petroleum jelly or recommended ointment on a daily basis. This vital tip will also help in enhancing the healing process in an effective way.
• Will a new sore reappear as soon as the scab falls off?

According to the University of Wisconsin, the virus HSV-1 may become active again and cause recurrent cold sores. So it is important to take necessary prevention to avoid common cold sore triggers, such as stress and fatigue.


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