Cold Sore Scar Removal: How to Get Rid of Scars on Lips

Cold Sore Scar Removal on LipsCold sore is one of the most frustrating, seemingly unending common skin infection people must endure.

Not only are cold sores physically painful and unsightly, getting cold sore scar tissue as aftermath effect is another nightmare that can emerge.

While cold sore scar removal could be next in your mind, you might be wondering –

How to get rid of cold sore scars on lips and face, and what are the treatment options?


Will Cold Sore Scar Go Away?

Normally, cold sore will heal completely without leaving scars on the formerly affected areas.

However, the cold sore treatment process has direct impact on whether scar will be formed, with the risk depend on how severe the skin tissue was damaged during cold sore removal, and how well the healing process had gone.

As cold sore scar on lip may fade over time or not going away, prevention is still better to cure, with some tips are:

  • Do not use abrasive treatment like home remedy with invasive apple cider vinegar to remove cold scar, because ACV may burn and damage skin tissue to increase scarring risk.
  • Avoid scrubbing and picking the cold sore scabs off because it can prevent the wound from healing properly, your affected skin will have a trauma and can cause scarring.
  • Keep the healing area well moisturized helps prevent/reduce the appearance of scars.

Here is an experience that cold sore “quick fix” home remedy does not work and caused scar:

lovemore feedback, “I ended up with 10 cold sores on my upper lip, and 10 on my lower lip, and it is hideous.. I decided to fasten the process and ‘trim’ the scabs to make them appear smaller each time they healed on the corners. Well… little smart me decided to put polysporin on it, and it really did do the job, but for some reason it softened the scab so much that it just ‘slid’ off.. It left me ugly scars.. Externally the outbreaks look much better, it’s only if you look upclose that you can see the scars clearly if I do not cover them up. Internally, I feel like crap and I need to get rid of them ASAP with no trace of scars.’

A cold sore treatment that has gained popularity over the years is cold sore devices with advanced pain-free light therapy that helps prevent scarring.

While you can learn more by checking out this comprehensive cold sore device review guide, the standout option is Virulite as the only electronic device cleared by US FDA for cold sores treatment.
virulite cold sore machine electronic treatmentVirulite cold sore device uses a patented 1072nm light technology to heal the cold sores faster — by stimulating your own body immune response naturally without side effects, halves cold sore healing time, whilst help prevent scarring and future outbreak.

The efficacy of this electronic cold sore light treatment device is medically proven with clinical results, supported by actual user reviews and experience.

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Are Cold Sore Scars Contagious?

Cold sore is a common skin infection caused by herpes simplex virus (strain HSV-1) that is highly contagious, and can be easily passed from person to person by close direct contact.

So, are cold sore scars still contagious?

  • When responding to a patient who picked the scab off where the area is still red and indented like a scar after 3 weeks, Board Certified Physician Dr. Owen answered “it is not contagious at this point”.
  • Adam Friedman MD, when shares useful info about cold sore in brief video below, mentioned that cold sore virus is “most probably picked up from another person with an active sore”.

Nonetheless, most people still want their cold sore scar removed – not only because of cosmetic reason, but also to reduce the virus spreading risk.

As University of Wisconsin pointed out, even after the cold sore is treated, the virus remains in the body but lies dormant in a bundle of nerves called the trigeminal ganglion. When no symptoms are present, the virus HSV-1 may become active again and cause recurrent cold sores.

How to Get Rid of Cold Sore Scars on Lips.. For Self-Esteem?

Let’s get real here –

Some people may experience having red mark left on the skin where the cold sore was, with the mark left after a cold sore is normally a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation mark.

While some people may end up with unsightly scar on lip after cold sore, that can cause low self-esteem.

What are the solutions to make a scar disappear or make the cold sore scar less noticeable?

Cold Sore Scar Removal Option #1: Surgical Approach

When you go to consult a doctor or dermatologist on how to get rid of cold sore scar, the medical professionals will assess your scar condition then may recommend medical / surgical approach such as below, as outlined by MedlinePlus:

  • Dermabrasion involves removing the upper layers of the skin with an electrical dermabrasion machine, or a special wire brush called a burr or fraise.
  • Scar Revision Surgery is a method of removing a scar and rejoining the normal skin, like making long scars to be shorter, and making wide scars to be thinner.
  • Skin flap surgery moving an entire, full thickness of skin, fat, nerves, blood vessels, and muscle from a healthy part of the body to the injured site.
  • Skin grafting involves taking small pieces of normal skin to replace scarred skin.
  • Chemical peel in which a concentrated form of chemicals is applied to remove scarred skin cells, allowing healthy cells to grow in their place.

Majority of the surgical scar removal approach will require multiple treatments, that will directly increase the fee and time required to complete the treatment.

Consult your local doctors or dermatologists for the medical scar treatment cost through the surgery approach, or refer below for quick reference.

UK *
Australia *
Laser Skin ResurfacingInitial Treatment is USD $2700USD $3500
Surgical scar revisionStarts at £1,150Starts from AUD $650
RemarksFractional CO2 LaserTotal cost depending on complexity of procedure

* Source of info (prices are subject to change):

ClearClinic, New York, USA.
Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center, USA.
The Private Clinic, London, UK.
Dr Barnouti Plastic Surgery, Sydney, Australia.
With cosmetic scar removal procedures are not typically covered by health insurance, many people are turning to more cost effective options in today’s tough economic climate – such as over the counter solutions to remove unsightly scar from cold sore.

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Option #2: OTC Cold Sore Scar Removal Cream

In case you are exploring alternative cold sore scar treatment to avoid the hefty medical fee, another option is to check out over the counter cream/product formulated to get rid of scars.

Wart scar removal Dermefface fx7
A leading over the counter scar removal product is Dermefface FX7 scar reduction therapy solution by Skinception.

Dermefface FX7 is a topical scar cream with proprietary formula that combines 7 active ingredients, 10 potent antioxidants, and 5 moisturizers that work synergistically on every layer of skin to diminish the scar appearance, including skin cell regeneration.

Dermefface FX7 scar cream contains natural ingredients like Allantoin, HRGPs Glycopeptides, Niacinamide, D-Panthenol, and plant-based Pentavitin that help get rid of scars.
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Cold Sore Scar Removal Summary

Cold sore can leave a scar that may fade over time or not going away, depending on how severe the skin tissue was damaged during cold sore treatment, and how well the scar tissue healing process had gone.

With surgical scar removal procedures are costly and not typically covered by health insurance, many people are turning to more cost effective over the counter options like cold sore scar removal cream.

There is no one single best way to remove cold sore scars on lip, as different people may have different preference and pain tolerance level. This review post gives an overview that should help you make an educated decision.