Fingernail Fungus Cure: Over The Counter Treatment At Home

Fingernail Fungus CureGo on, be honest:

You’ve been searching for fingernail fungus cure, because you are tired of findings ways to hide the embarrassment.

While nail fungus on toes can be easily hidden by socks and shoes, nail fungus that develop on your finger cannot be helped but be noticed by other people.

So what are the options to get rid of this unsightly nightmare, including over the counter treatment at home?


Fingernail Fungus Cure: The Treatment Options

Fingernail fungus is a common medical condition that starts as a yellow or white spot under the tip of your fingernail.

As fungal infection goes deeper, fingernail fungus may cause your fingernail to thicken, crumble at the edge, and discolor. It may also affect some fingernails, yet typically not all of them.

So what are the fingernail fungus treatment options?


Option 1: Surgery or Laser/Light Therapy by Doctors

According to WebMD, Surgical nail removal to treat nail fungal infections can be done by doctor who will give you an injection in the finger, loosen the skin around the nail and separate the nail from the skin by using a tool under the nail, followed by treatment of nail bed.

Alternatively, doctors can treat fingernail fungus with the use of a laser or light therapies to get rid of fungus. These laser and light treatment method use advanced technology that might not be available in all areas.
Mayo Clinic revealed a study, in which majority of the 24 patients benefited from the carbon-dioxide laser therapy combined with antifungal nail cream.

These surgeries and laser/light therapies by doctors are usually not covered by insurance, because nail fungus treatment is normally considered cosmetic and not medically necessary.

Video below shows an example of nail fungus laser treatment offered by medical professionals.

Pros and Cons of Medical Surgery or Laser/Light Therapy by Doctors:

list-style-green-tick-checkLaser or light therapy is normally effective and not painful.

list-style-green-tick-checkMedical specialists can provide professional face-to-face consultation to address questions from the fingernail fungus patients.

list-style-red-tick-crossSurgical procedure that involves separate the nail from skin can be painful.

list-style-red-tick-crossFingernail fungus laser treatment by doctor is expensive, and is often not covered by insurance. While you should consult your local dermatologist or podiatrist for the exact laser nail fungus treatment cost, refer below for quick reference.

New York *
Connecticut *
London *
Laser Nail Fungus Treatment$750 to $1,500$600$975About £800

* Source of info (prices are subject to change):

Wall Street Journal, USA.
City Footcare, New York, USA.
Associated Podiatrists of Connecticut, USA.
London’s Feet For Life, UK.

Option 2: Over the Counter Nail Fungus Topical Solutions

The ingredients of OTC topical solutions can help in getting through the surface of fingernail to treat the nail fungus. These topical solutions are easy to use, just follow the application instructions provided by the manufacturer.

It is recommended to consider OTC products that contains natural Undecylenic Acid (a form of unsaturated fatty acid which is generally produced from ricinoleic acid present in castor oil) which is approved by the FDA for nail fungus treatment.

Below are 2 leading over the counter fingernail fungus treatment products in the market – Funginix and ZetaClear.

Brand Name
Product ImageFunginix Reviews Scam or Does It Work for Fungus TreatmentZetaClear Spray and Oral Nail Fungus Removal
Product TypeTopical Solution with Brush Applicator2-Steps Nail Fungus Treatment: Topical Solution and Homeopathic Spray
Key IngredientsFDA-approved Natural Undecylenic Acid, Clove Flower Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Juice, etc.FDA-approved Natural Undecylenic Acid, Lemongrass Oil, Thuja Occidentalis, etc.
Price>> Check Latest Price <<>> Check Latest Price <<
Full Product Details>> More Details <<>> More Details <<

Pros and Cons of OTC Nail Fungus Topical Solutions:

list-style-green-tick-checkOver the counter nail fungus topical solutions are much more cost effective and affordable when compared to medical treatment or OTC laser/light devices.

list-style-green-tick-checkPatients can receive fingernail fungus treatment at home without going to doctors.

list-style-green-tick-checkTopical nail fungus solution is painless remedy and easy to use.

list-style-red-tick-crossTopical solutions do not instantly remove the nail fungus, vs surgery by doctors that normally get rid of nail fungus as a day surgical procedure.

Option 3: OTC Laser/Light Therapy Nail Fungus Treatment Device

Over the counter electronic finger nail fungus treatment devices feature the latest innovation in the field of laser treatment and light therapy.

These groundbreaking devices provide effective and treatment that you can use anywhere. You can use these devices at home, at work or anywhere you want.

Oftentimes, the user can just press a button on the device and it will work according to its purpose. These fingernail fungus cure devices work in a painless way to provide the intended results.

Cleartouch Nails Reviews Does It Work for Nail FungusFor instance, ClearTouch Nails Device is a FDA-cleared battery powered electronic device with LHE Phototherapy Technology that uses light by balancing wavelengths, intensity and exposure to treat specific dermatological conditions.

This over the counter electronic devices utilize the same light-based technology used by dermatologists and skincare professionals, except it is miniaturized for the convenience of in home use.

>> Check out comprehensive ClearTouch nail device reviews here
Pros and Cons of OTC Laser/Light Device:

list-style-green-tick-checkThese OTC electronic devices provide professional fingernail fungus cure with laser/light technology that is much cheaper compared to the similar treatment by medical doctors.

list-style-green-tick-checkPatients can receive laser/light treatment at home without going to doctors.

list-style-red-tick-crossOTC electronic devices may still appear expensive to some people, in which you can >> check out the latest ClearTouch Nails price here as example for cost comparison

Fingernail Fungus Cure and Treatment Review Summary

There is no one single “best” fingernail fungus removal solution, as different people may have different pain tolerance level, financial capability, and preference on the treatment approach.

This guide should provide an overview on the options of how to get rid of finger nail fungus, to help you make an educated decision.


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