Formule H Reviews: The New Complete Anti-Hemorrhoid Solution

Formule H Reviews HemorrhoidFormule H is a new hemorrhoid treatment that comes to you from France of all places.

We’ve heard plenty of positive reviews on both this product and the lab it was made in. We wanted to learn more, and we can now say that the results of our investigation dispel the rumors: Formule H seems to be a very high-quality product.

Below you will find our reviews and conclusions on this hemorrhoid treatment.
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Formule H, What Makes It Different?

As you may already know, the overwhelming majority of anti-hemorrhoid treatments are locally-applied solutions, in other words, treatments you apply directly where it hurts. They aim to calm the pain and reduce the symptoms instead of dealing with the problem itself – the actual causes that lead to hemorrhoid on the first place: slow rectum venous circulation and blood clots.

Large pharmaceutical companies make more money selling short-term solutions that can help, for sure, but most often they just mask pain in short term instead of eliminating roots of the issue.

The unfortunate truth is that large pharma companies do not make much money from a quickly healed patient.

This is why Formule H, the new anti-hemorrhoid treatment, immediately attracted our attention:

  • It is not a local treatment but a holistic one.
  • It does not just deal with the symptoms, but it acts on the entire body to cure hemorrhoids from inside.
  • A pure natural formula containing no additives or toxic ingredients.
  • An innovative French laboratory has created and released a commercially bold, easy-to-use solution that is affordable to everyone and medically viable.

    Laboratory is certified by ISO 22000 FSSC/ AB (Organic Agriculture)/FDA and corresponds to the strictest international standards.

As our bodies are already disturbed by hemorrhoid, they become more sensitive to the side effects of pharmaceuticals. This is where Formule H stands out and raises the bar.

Formule H Composition: 100% Natural Ingredients

Formule H comes in easy-to-swallow capsule form, with 90 units per bottle.

A label clearly mentions the ingredients, the precise content of active ingredients (almost impossible to find from competitors with their “special proprietary blends”), a description of the product’s health effect, dosage and pre-cautions.
Formule H Ingredient Does It WorkIt contains six 100% natural certified organic ingredients. Together they create a very powerful, effective formula based on the thorough research and analysis.

Holystrom, creator of Formule H offers us a long-term hemorrhoid relief, in a modern form, which eliminates the typical problems of home remedies (overdose, risks of toxicity, incorrect mixtures, etc.)

Simply put, Formule H is an old-fashioned remedy delivered in a more affordable, more convenient way and without the risks associated with home remedies.
The dose: The amount of each active ingredient in each capsule (specified on the label) is by far the most important aspect of this supplement. While most other brands only include a “hint” of the ingredient (since they’re expensive), Formule H shines through its generosity. The amount is calculated to actually be effective and not just to cut costs.

This is what intrigued us:

How can the manufacturer make a product with this much active ingredients and still offer it at a competitive price?

Explanation from Holystrom:

“We have a reasonable profit margin, but we don’t spend money on expensive ads and third parties’ fees” They say that they’re confident enough in their product to rely on word-of-mouth advertising and to inspire health sites like ours.

A pretty smart strategy!

And even better! Because the consumer is the number one beneficiary:

They receive a high-quality product at a great price.

We’ve done independent review and research on the efficacy of these ingredients in getting rid of hemorrhoid, and how do they work. Below you’ll find a list of the 6 natural ingredients that make up Formule H as well as their benefits:

#1 – Horse Chestnut Extract

This anti-hemorrhoid ingredient needs no introduction. Used for generations, its main active ingredient, escin, has a direct and decisive effect on hemorrhoids: it not only reduces the duration and intensity of hemorrhoids, but it also repairs and strengthens hemorrhoid blood vessels and reduces inflammation.

According to report published by the ResearchGate, a controlled study on 80 patients with acute symptomatic hemorrhoids show that:

  • 40 mg of aescin (the main active compound in horse chestnut) administered 3 times per day for up to 2 months helped to reduce hemorrhoid symptoms in 81% of patients, and a notable 95% reduction in bleeding alongside 87% reduction in swelling.
  • Herbalist Michael Moore found horse chestnut combined with increased dietary flavonoids (like grape seeds) and high levels of physical activity are helpful for hemorrhoids treatment.

#2 – Grape Seed

Super rich in antioxidants and procyanidol oligomers, this ingredient strengthens blood vessel walls and reduces the pain, inflammation and bleeding caused by internal and external hemorrhoids.

Grape seeds are also naturally rich in flavonoids. In flavonoids for hemorrhoidal treatment related studies published in the World Journal of Gastroenterol that involved 1514 patients, using of flavonoids as oral medication for hemorrhoidal treatment show:

“..flavonoids decreased risk of bleeding by 67%, persistent pain by 65% and itching by 35%, and also reduced the recurrence rate by 47%.”


#3 – Butcher’s Broom

Also known as Ruscus aculeatus. This ingredient is an excellent anti-dilatation agent and a known natural anti-inflammatory agent. Its effect works on more than just hemorrhoids and also treats varicose veins and many other ailments.

#4 – Vitamin C

Do not underestimate this ingredient, especially now that you know your daily dose of Formule H gives you nearly your daily need of this precious vitamin (180mg out of 225mg). It’s also a powerful antioxidant that strengthens and tones rectal veins, all while maintaining the integrity of blood vessels.

Specifically, vitamin C works in harmony with rutin (which we’ll see below) to prevent hemorrhoid occurance and improve the health of blood vessels.

#5 – Rutin

Also known as citrus flavonoid glycoside. Behind this overly scientific name lies a complex sugar, naturally found in various fruits and vegetables. By fighting the platelet activating factors responsible for the formation of blood clots, rutin ensures healthy blood circulation and, thanks to its fortifying effect on the capillary vessels in the anus region, it effectively treats hemorrhoids. It is also a powerful anti-bacterial agent, which is very useful for stabilizing the hemorrhoid state.

#6 – Hesperidin

Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid that is found in abundance in the skin of citrus fruits and many other fruits. An excellent venotonic (or phlebotonic, i.e. treating vein circulation problems), its role in this composition is to significantly reduce symptoms and help prevent new hemorrhoid attacks.
>> Learn more about Ingredients of this Dietary Supplement and How Can They Help You

Dosage, Method and Conditions For Use: How Do You Take Formule H?

As indicated on the Formule H bottle, the daily recommended and maximum dose is 3 capsules per day, 1 for each meal to be taken with a glass of water.

Since it’s a 100% natural product, there aren’t any known side effects or specific precautions to keep in mind, outside of the common precautions to take with any medical treatment.

For example, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or on an anticoagulant, as you already know, you should not use any medication without consulting with your doctor.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to worry about in this respect.
It’s also important to note that the official site clearly states that three months is a minimum for an effective cure and long term effect.

In our opinion, this earns the manufacturer another point, since, as we see with other products and markets, it often comes down to a conversation of “Buy now! You’ll be healed tomorrow”.

We value this honesty without cheap marketing tricks.

Purchase: Where To Buy and At What Price?

Official Website: It couldn’t be easier to start benefiting from Formule H’s anti-hemorrhoid treatment: Just order it directly from their Official Site here!

A simple and clear site, just like we like them, that doesn’t make any fantastical claims or have any flashy marketing. There you have it: everything on the product, its formula, its effects … and the purchase process is clear at every step. And they show you the shipping costs before even before starting the purchase process ($12.2 for 1 to 5 bottles).
Formule H Where To Buy
Packages Available: Formule H is available in 3 packages:

* 1 month of treatment: A bottle of 90 capsules for $61
which in our opinion is useful for discovering the product and quickly symptoms.

* 2 months of treatment: 2 bottles with a total of 180 capsules for $120.3
Go for this package to get rid of pains and set off on your path to cured hemorrhoids.

* 3 months of treatment: 3 bottles + 2 free bottles, making for a total of 450 capsules. This is the ideal package, not only for avoiding pain but also for re-establishing the proper functioning of your entire body, thoroughly curing your hemorrhoids and getting rid of them for good. And add to this the fact that you save $177.22 and you can see why this is the best choice.
Guarantee: Formule H comes with an excellent 30-day satisfaction or money back guarantee, a bit longer than the usual 14 day period offered by others. Which is more a pledge of confidence from the manufacturer regarding their product.

Payment method: You can pay for your order with Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

The Verdict: Our Opinion on Formule H

Formule H Amazon Walmart Walgreens CVSFormule H is a solution we recommend you use. We know that hemorrhoids can be tough sometimes and that you may have tried other products with limited action, but in our experience, Formule H tends to stand out from the others.

The purity of its ingredients, the clarity and precision of its formula, frank and straightforward communication and its 30-day money back guarantee are all tell-tale signs of a good product from a good brand.

To obtain genuine Formula H product at best price, head to the official site here.

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