Nevi-Skin Mole, Skin Tags and Wart Removal Cream Reviews: Does It Work?

Nevi-Skin is a natural topical treatment cream formulated for skin tags and mole removal, while Nevi-Skin is also used to treat other multiple skin conditions like syringoma, and warts including genital warts.

Nevi-skin Reviews: The Ingredients

Nevi Skin Mole Skin Tag Wart RemoverNevi-Skin cream is made up of proprietary formula with quality natural herbal extracts.

Its product formulation removes skin mole, wart, skin tag and syringoma by directly destructing the lesion down to the root.

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Nevi Skin Mole Removal

While Nevi-Skin is formulated to get rid of skin mole, let’s comprehensively review through some important aspects of skin mole treatment:

#1 Types of Skin Moles

It is important to consult doctor or dermatologist for diagnosis to determine the mole type.

Generally, there are 3 different types of skin moles:

Regular moles are usually symmetrical, have regular borders, uniform color, and are about the size of a pencil eraser or smaller. Regular moles are typically benign and friendly.

Irregular moles, also called atypical moles, are unusual looking and can be a range of colour and flat or bumpy.

Cancerous moles may have blotchy edges and a general blotchy shape, versus normal moles with rounded with clean edges. Cancerous moles may change color or size dramatically in a short period of time. A normal mole only changes color and size slightly over a long period of time.

If you find physical visit to doctor is time consuming and embarrassing, you can consider engage on-line doctors via established on-line healthcare service providers – such as 121Doc Online Clinic and EuroClinix that offer convenience and discretion, to seek first medical consultation.


#2 Is Skin Mole Removal Necessary?

Benign skin moles are common and it is rare for one to transform into skin cancer, known as Melanoma.

Mole removal decision tends to be made on the basis of its size, appearance and whether it has changed.

If a mole is thought to have any features that could suggest malignant melanoma, it should always be removed for further examination under a microscope.

However, skin moles are occasionally removed because they are causing the patient some nuisance (eg. if it gets caught on clothing or makes shaving difficult) or psychological distress like below.

“I have four big moles on my face that made me feel very insecure throughout my whole life!”

“I hate these moles and thought I am cursed with them for the rest of my life.”

“I suddenly woke up one day with a huge mole below my left eye. I was horrified, it was hideous!

“I had a mole as big as a cherry fruit right under my chin. I am suffering from the ugly look of it.”

“I find it difficult to bear when people constantly ask me, “What is that?” or “You have something on your face, do you need a tissue?” Talk about embarrassing!”


#3 Skin Mole Removal Surgery Cost

Not all skin mole and wart patients prefer the surgery approach though, as surgical treatment could cause pain and discomfort with scarring risk, whilst some find visits to doctor are time consuming and embarrassing.

Moreover, visits to the doctor or dermatologist for removal of skin mole and wart could be costly. The mole surgery cost mainly depends on the surgical method, in which the doctor and dermatologist usually recommend surgical approach based on the location and size of skin mole or warts.

Number of skin mole and warts to be removed, alongside cost of living of the country and city where the surgery is taken, are among other factors that influence the cost.

While you should check with your local medical institute to determine the exact surgery cost, refer below for your quick reference to get a feel of the consultation fee and surgical skin mole/wart removal cost range.

New York *
UK *
London *
USD $350 – $450
Follow Up
£80 (3-4 sessions may be required)
Skin Mole Removal
from £295
from £299
Skin Tag Removal
from £159
Wart Removal
USD $450 (1-5 warts), USD $550 (5-10 warts)
From £299
Additional Skin Mole / Wart Removal
From £199
USD $610 (include 3~4 follow up)
£160 (1-3 warts), £250 (4-6 warts)
From £199
USD $360
from £295
USD $495
USD $190

* Sources of above cost reference table [ last accessed April 2015 ]:

Mole removal procedures are not typically covered by health insurance unless it is medically necessary.

As such, some people are turning to over the counter mole and wart remover as more cost effective solution in today’s tough economic climate, with Nevi-Skin is a leading OTC skin tags, mole and wart removal cream in the market.

>> Check out comprehensive pro and con review of mole surgery vs mole removal cream.

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Nevi Skin Syringoma Removal

Syringomas are harmless sweat duct tumors that are commonly found under the lower eyelid or other locations within the eye’s orbit, although they may also be found in the armpits.

Syringomas are white or yellowish, soft translucent bumps that can also appear sometimes on the cheeks or torso. The surface of Syringomas can be round or flat.

Syringomas are treatable by destroying them with electrical device like electrodessication or using ablative lasers (erbium).

Alternatively, Nevi-Skin cream is OTC topical solution formulated to remove Syringoma effectively.

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Nevi Skin Cream Price

Nevi Skin Wart Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome
NeviSkin is available in different packages, such as Silver package (1 Container), Gold package (2 Containers), and Platinum package (3 Containers).

Each NeviSkin container holds enough topical treatment cream for 2-4 large warts or 10-30 small skin moles.

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The Nevi-Skin price is far more competitive than Wart Mole Vanish, another natural product that is formulated to treat genital warts, non-genital warts, skin moles, skin tags, and syringoma.

Wart Mole Vanish contains cashew plant, fig plant, greater celandine plant, lemon, etc.

>> Check out the latest Wart Mole Vanish price for comparison.

Where To Buy Nevi Skin

Nevi-Skin mole and wart removal cream is available to buy online worldwide (including UK and Canada) via Nevi-Skin official website to ensure genuine product.

Nevi Skin offers a total money back guarantee to any persons not 100% satisfied with the product within 60 days of purchase.


Nevi Skin Reviews Summary

Nevi-Skin cream is formulated with natural herbs, with user reviews and feedback generally show Nevi Skin has been effective to remove skin mole alongside multiple skin conditions like skin moles, skin tag, syringoma, and warts including genital warts.

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4 thoughts on “Nevi-Skin Mole, Skin Tags and Wart Removal Cream Reviews: Does It Work?

  • June 29, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    I just used the Nevi skin cream for the first time yesterday, and so far it has worked as expected. I followed the directions exactly, and it did burn a bit on some of the moles, but not horribly. Today the treated moles have scabbed over and I’m hopeful that when the scabs fall off, I will be free of these moles! I have multiple moles, and I have been to a dermatologist to have them examined. I have also had a couple surgically removed, but had pretty bad scars from this, not to mention they will only remove 2 at a time. I hope this cream works as advertised. Maybe I’m a little bit vain, but I will feel so much better if I can get rid of some of the moles and have pretty skin!

    • June 29, 2016 at 3:36 pm

      Hi Nicole,

      Good to hear that Nevi Skin cream worked as expected on your moles removal thus far. Pls keep us updated on the progress – thanks!

  • July 25, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    How can u buy it?Is it available in any drug store?


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