Dermefface FX7 Review: Skinception Scar Reduction Solution?

It’s okay to admit it –

You hate your unsightly scars.
Dermefface fx7 review skinception scar
Scars are one of the most pressing worries, they don’t only physically scar our bodies but also our self confidence.

There have been, for centuries, attempts to treat these confidence shattering nightmares – surgery scars, accident scars, burn scars, acne scars, wart scars, chicken pox scars, and so on.

While the expensive (and painful) laser treatment is an option to get rid of scars, the more cost effective over the counter solution like Skinception Dermefface FX7 scar removal cream has been developed over the decade. 

But does Dermefface FX7 scar reduction therapy really work?

We comprehensively review Dermefface fx7 scar cream – the medical research on Dermefface ingredients, user reviews on Dermefface, before and after comparison, where to buy, etc.

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Dermefface FX7 Review: Medical Research on Its Ingredients

Dermefface’s proprietary formula combines 7 active ingredients, 10 potent antioxidants, and 5 super moisturizers that work synergistically on every layer of skin to diminish the scar appearance.

We looked into the 5 key ingredients of Dermefface FX7 cream, to examine if there are any medical research and clinical results that testify their efficacy in removing scars, and what the experts say about these ingredients:

Dermefface FX7 Ingredient #1: Allantoin

Allantoin is a natural chemical compound that is produced by many organisms, including animals and plants. For instance, it can be found naturally in botanical extracts of the comfrey plant.

Allantoin has the ability to not only help in healing the skin, but also in the stimulation and growth of healthier tissues, while it also softens and soothes the skin.

According to dermatologists consultant Kathryn Darden, Allantoin increases the smoothness of the skin, promotes cell replication, and promotes the healing of wounds, burns, and scars.

Additionally, as we can learn from the 2 brief videos below as elaborated by experts, Allantoin is a powerful ingredient that helps skin cell renewal and regeneration, while it binds the connective tissue together, helping our skin to remain soft and supple:

  • Video #1 by medical herbalist Rowan Hamilton, Dip Phyt, MSCS, MNIMH:


  • Video #2 by Monica Wilde who is a forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist, and a Fellow of the Linnean Society:


Dermefface Ingredient #2: Pro-Coll-One With HRGPs Glycopeptides

Developed by French company SILAB which is recognized worldwide as a specialist of biological active ingredient engineering for the cosmetic industry –

Pro-Coll-One in Dermefface FX7 is an ingredient that has been produced with an extract of highly purified HRGPs glycopeptides which are obtained from soya, with the glycopeptides are capable to help boost collagen I synthesis, reduce crow’s feet wrinkles, and smooth the surface of skin – making it a great remedy for scar reduction.
As we can see from these clinical study results:

  • Tests on 50 female volunteers aged 46 to 62 years old shows Pro-Coll-One reduces parameter Sa and Sq (parameters of 3D Roughness) by 9.8% and 9.5% respectively after applied a cream containing 2% Pro-Coll-One twice a day for 56 days.
  • Pro-Coll-One significantly stimulates the synthesis of collagen I by normal human fibroblasts by 1190%, and reduces wrinkles by decreasing negative volume by 21.1%.
  • 78% of the volunteers using Pro-Coll-One reported that their crow’s feet were smoother compared to the placebo group


Dermefface FX7 Ingredient #3: Niacinamide

Niacinamide, also called niacin, is simply water-soluble form of vitamin B3. Not only is it used in the prevention and treatment of niacin deficiency, but Niacinamide is a key ingredient found in most leading anti-aging skin products as it is clinically proven to help rejuvenate skin cells.

For instance, as shown in the medical research published by the US National Library of Medicine below, a clinical study was conducted on 50 females with clinical signs of facial photoaging (fine lines and wrinkles, poor texture, and hyperpigmented spots).

After applied 5% niacinamide twice daily for 12 weeks, it is concluded that Niacinamide shows significant skin appearance improvement effect by improving appearance of skin wrinkles and yellowing, while improved skin elasticity.
Skinception Dermefface fx7 review acne surgery scar

Dermefface FX7 Ingredient #4: Di-Panthenol

D-Panthenol is the provitamin of D-Pantothenic acid which can simply be called vitamin B5.

Thanks to its ability to function as a humectant that attracts and retains water, D-Panthenol in Dermefface FX7 possess natural abilities to moisturize, soothe, heal and regenerate skin.

Additionally, D-Panthenol also acts as a natural skin healer and protectant. From protecting the lips against sun burns, solar herpes, mild burns and skin irritations, the ingredient is also effective in healing dry skin, cracks and rough areas on the skin.

Watch the brief video below to learn more on skin health benefits of D-Panthenol.


Dermefface FX7 Ingredient #5: Pentavitin

Developed by Centerchem as a leading international supplier and marketer of quality functional ingredients –

Pentavitin is a plant-based natural component with both ECOCERT approval and NATRUE certification that comply with Ecocert Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

Basing on its unique plant-derived composition (active: Saccharide Isomerate) which is similar to that of the carbohydrate complex found in human skin, Pentavitin is effective as a moisturizer and soothing/repair ingredient as demonstrated by various in-vivo studies.

As we can see from these clinical study results with before and after comparison demonstrated the skin’s surface is visibly smoother:

  • Consumer panel testing shows that 1% Pentavitin improves skin smoothness and softness by more than 50% after 2 weeks, while reduces skin flakiness and itchiness caused by dry skin by more than 50%.
  • 0.2% Pentavitin repairs skin barrier in 3 days, while 1% Pentavitin reduces the signs of dry skin by 20% after 4 weeks.


User Reviews: Does Dermefface FX7 Scar Cream Work?

The feedback and testimonials by Dermefface FX7 users have generally been promising, with examples of positive results as below:

Case Study 1:

“I have used this product since the first week of October and I have definitely noticed improvements. I have had acne scars for years and my acne is still an ongoing struggle. This product is perfect for putting on under my makeup and within the first month I noticed that my scars had lightened a bit. 3 months later, my skin is smoother, scars have been lightened and are not nearly as deep as they were before I bought Dermefface.. I’m using the product on my entire face twice a day.. Overall, I’m very happy with what it has done for me.” / by Jess
Case Study 2:

“I had severe acne scars/marks on my face, especially my cheeks from acne I had when I was a teen. I purchased this and I’ve used it twice a day every day for a few weeks and my marks are almost completely gone! I am so happy and a lot more confident to go without makeup now, I highly recommend this product for someone with acne marks.” / by Emily
Case Study 3:

“I had surgery on both of my legs which called for 3 incisions per leg. I was told that I would have pencil line scars. After the first surgery I was devastated at the huge, raised scars that were about 1″ x 3″…far from a pencil line… I had the second surgery done and I see the pencil line scarring that I was promised. However, the other leg was still awful! I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and there is an amazing difference.. I am very impressed with this product. My scars are already almost completely flat and have went from bright red to a brownish color.” / by Patricia R. Gallagher


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Nonetheless, as we are all different and what works for some may not work for others, it is not surprised to see case like below that Dermefface does not work as well:

“I saw so good infos about this product and i ve been using this for 1 month applying to my old scars on my face twice a day. There is nothing change yet.” / by Wan Ahmad Jailani

For this case, while it is debatable whether the user expectation of getting rid of scarring within a month is realistic, Skinception as the Dermefface FX7 manufacturer recommends:

  • Minor surface scars – Use 3-4 months, for best results.
  • Deep, surgery or injury scars – Use for at least 6 months.

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Where To Buy Dermefface FX7 Scar Cream

Dermefface fx7 review skinception scar
This product is not available in retail stores and can only be purchased online.

Dermefface FX7 is available for sale at Dermefface FX7 official website online, to ensure genuine product.

Skinception is backing up their confidence on the product by offering risk-free 100% money back guarantee within the 90 days of purchase.

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Dermefface FX7 Reviews: The Verdict

Skiception Dermefface FX7 is an over the counter product designed to help get rid of various unsightly skin scars, to end your nightmare.

The natural ingredients in Dermefface’s proprietary formula have supporting medical research and clinical results that testify their efficacy in scars reduction, with the Dermefface FX7 user reviews have generally been positive.

Dermefface FX7 topical scar cream is available for sale at Dermefface FX7 official website online, to ensure genuine product with 90-days money back guarantee.

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To make things more annoying for some people, their cold sore won’t heal and simply won’t go away.

Why is it so, and what to do next?


Cold Sore That Won’t Heal and Go Away: What Experts Say

Cold Sore Won’t Heal and Go WayeMedicineHealth claims that around 80% to 90% of people in the U.S. have been exposed to herpes simplex virus strain HSV-1, the virus that cause cold sore.

The incubation period is about 3 to 6 days, but you may not have any symptoms when you first become infected with the herpes simplex virus, with an outbreak of cold sores may happen some time later.

While cold sores usually clear up without treatment within 7 to 10 days —

According to the University of Wisconsin, the virus HSV-1 may become active again and cause recurrent cold sores:

The virus remains in the body but lies dormant in a bundle of nerves called the trigeminal ganglion and stops causing infection. Cold sores typically recur three to four times a year, although some people may develop more than one cold sore per month.

People often experience tingling, burning, or itching at the site prior to an outbreak. Outbreaks are often spontaneous, without a specific reason or cause, but some common triggers include:

  • overexposure to sunlight
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • illness
  • hormonal changes (premenstrual, pregnancy)
  • surgical procedures or trauma to the site

As such, in case your cold sore on lip is not healing, you are certainly not alone, just as below actual experience and feedback:

‘I’ve had a cold sore, that’s what it looks like at least, for about two years! It won’t go away, and some times it’s really bad… It used to be on one side of my mouth, and now it’s on both. I don’t know what to do to get it to go away. What could I do?’
‘Cold sore at the corner of my lips, won’t go away and keeps splitting open. What can I do to get rid of it? It’s been 3 weeks. I put carmex on it but it doesn’t help. I don’t really know what else to do besides stay away from salts and drink water – which I already do.’
‘Deeply tired of having cold sores.. The doctor put me on a week-long course of Valtrex, 500 mg, 3 times a day. The sores faded after about five days and were blissfully gone by day 7. Unfortunately, they reappeared two days after the course of treatment ended… I started taking acyclovir, left over from a previous bout of cold sore evil, but that didn’t do anything… What should I be doing?’

As per University of Michigan, recurrences of cold sores are normally less severe and individual may notice a burning or tingling sensation 24-48 hours before a cluster of blisters appear.


Cold Sore Won’t Heal and Go Way: What You Can Do

While you should consult with a doctor about the persistent cold sore problem that is not going away, here are some recommendations:

  • Try alternative medicinesAverTeaX, Abreva, Orajel, Urgo Filmogel, etc.
  • Manage your emotional stress, ask yourself what you can do about the sources of your stress, and take action where you can.
  • Avoid foods rich in the amino acid arginine which can trigger cold sore. These foods include chocolate, cola, beer, grain cereals, seeds, nuts and peas.
  • Take enough rest and avoid fatigue that can activate the virus.
  • Avoid overexposure to sunlight, because UV rays and bright sunlight may trigger cold sores. Protect the area from sun (eg. use lipstick with sunscreen SPF 15 and above) even when sores are not present.


Electronic Cold Sore Device: Reduce Cold Sores Recurrence

Additionally, cold sore devices with advanced technology that offer electronic cold sore treatment (such as pain-free light therapy) has gained popularity over the years, because they are convenient with hygenic application as there is no need to touch the cold sore during treatment, while re-usable device with a replaceable battery allows unlimited uses and treatment of cold sores for future outbreaks.

While you can learn more by checking out this comprehensive cold sore device review guide, the standout option is Virulite as the only electronic device cleared by US FDA for cold sores treatment.
virulite cold sore machine electronic treatmentVirulite cold sore device uses a patented 1072nm light technology to heal the cold sores faster — by stimulating your own body immune response naturally without side effects, halves cold sore healing time, and help reduce future outbreaks.

The efficacy of this electronic cold sore light treatment device is medically proven with clinical results, supported by actual user reviews and experience.

Virulite is shown to reduce the recurrence and severity of cold sores and it penetrates into the skin to attack the virus.

Andrea Smith, a medical secretary who has been using the device says: “I used to get horrible cold sores, but having tried this, they are less frequent and never appear in the same place”.
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