Cold Sore Won’t Heal and Not Go Away: Why and What’s Next?

Cold sore is a frustrating problem for most people.

To make things more annoying for some people, their cold sore won’t heal and simply won’t go away.

Why is it so, and what to do next?


Cold Sore That Won’t Heal and Go Away: What Experts Say

Cold Sore Won’t Heal and Go WayeMedicineHealth claims that around 80% to 90% of people in the U.S. have been exposed to herpes simplex virus strain HSV-1, the virus that cause cold sore.

The incubation period is about 3 to 6 days, but you may not have any symptoms when you first become infected with the herpes simplex virus, with an outbreak of cold sores may happen some time later.

While cold sores usually clear up without treatment within 7 to 10 days —

According to the University of Wisconsin, the virus HSV-1 may become active again and cause recurrent cold sores:

The virus remains in the body but lies dormant in a bundle of nerves called the trigeminal ganglion and stops causing infection. Cold sores typically recur three to four times a year, although some people may develop more than one cold sore per month.

People often experience tingling, burning, or itching at the site prior to an outbreak. Outbreaks are often spontaneous, without a specific reason or cause, but some common triggers include:

  • overexposure to sunlight
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • illness
  • hormonal changes (premenstrual, pregnancy)
  • surgical procedures or trauma to the site

As such, in case your cold sore on lip is not healing, you are certainly not alone, just as below actual experience and feedback:

‘I’ve had a cold sore, that’s what it looks like at least, for about two years! It won’t go away, and some times it’s really bad… It used to be on one side of my mouth, and now it’s on both. I don’t know what to do to get it to go away. What could I do?’
‘Cold sore at the corner of my lips, won’t go away and keeps splitting open. What can I do to get rid of it? It’s been 3 weeks. I put carmex on it but it doesn’t help. I don’t really know what else to do besides stay away from salts and drink water – which I already do.’
‘Deeply tired of having cold sores.. The doctor put me on a week-long course of Valtrex, 500 mg, 3 times a day. The sores faded after about five days and were blissfully gone by day 7. Unfortunately, they reappeared two days after the course of treatment ended… I started taking acyclovir, left over from a previous bout of cold sore evil, but that didn’t do anything… What should I be doing?’

As per University of Michigan, recurrences of cold sores are normally less severe and individual may notice a burning or tingling sensation 24-48 hours before a cluster of blisters appear.


Cold Sore Won’t Heal and Go Way: What You Can Do

While you should consult with a doctor about the persistent cold sore problem that is not going away, here are some recommendations:

  • Try alternative medicinesAverTeaX, Abreva, Orajel, Urgo Filmogel, etc.
  • Manage your emotional stress, ask yourself what you can do about the sources of your stress, and take action where you can.
  • Avoid foods rich in the amino acid arginine which can trigger cold sore. These foods include chocolate, cola, beer, grain cereals, seeds, nuts and peas.
  • Take enough rest and avoid fatigue that can activate the virus.
  • Avoid overexposure to sunlight, because UV rays and bright sunlight may trigger cold sores. Protect the area from sun (eg. use lipstick with sunscreen SPF 15 and above) even when sores are not present.


Electronic Cold Sore Device: Reduce Cold Sores Recurrence

Additionally, cold sore devices with advanced technology that offer electronic cold sore treatment (such as pain-free light therapy) has gained popularity over the years, because they are convenient with hygenic application as there is no need to touch the cold sore during treatment, while re-usable device with a replaceable battery allows unlimited uses and treatment of cold sores for future outbreaks.

While you can learn more by checking out this comprehensive cold sore device review guide, the standout option is Virulite as the only electronic device cleared by US FDA for cold sores treatment.
virulite cold sore machine electronic treatmentVirulite cold sore device uses a patented 1072nm light technology to heal the cold sores faster — by stimulating your own body immune response naturally without side effects, halves cold sore healing time, and help reduce future outbreaks.

The efficacy of this electronic cold sore light treatment device is medically proven with clinical results, supported by actual user reviews and experience.

Virulite is shown to reduce the recurrence and severity of cold sores and it penetrates into the skin to attack the virus.

Andrea Smith, a medical secretary who has been using the device says: “I used to get horrible cold sores, but having tried this, they are less frequent and never appear in the same place”.
>> Check out actual Virulite user reviews at (USA)

>> Check out actual Virulite user reviews at (UK)

Syringoma Treatment Cream and Removal Cost Guide

Looking for Syringoma treatment and removal tips?

This post reviews through various surgical treatment methods like electrocautery and cauterization, syringoma treatment cost, syringoma cream, and recommendations of syringoma removal product for treatment at home.


Syringoma Histology: Definition, Causes, Prevention.

According to research report Clinicopathological Diversity of Syringomas published by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information, Syringomas are usually considered benign growths that are more commonly affecting females.

As pathology outlines indicates, Syringomas are multiple flesh-colored to yellow small dermal papules that are commonly found around (usually below) the eyes. The surface is either flat-topped or round, and lesions are typically smaller than 4mm in diameter.
Syringoma Treatment Cream Removal Cost
Syringomas are caused by the overgrowth of cells from sweat glands (eccrine glands). The sweat glands around the eyes are the common sites of transformation into syringoma but the eruptive type of syringoma may involve several parts of the body.

Syringoma can appear at any age, though they usually occur after puberty. While Syringoma may be difficult to prevent, the occurrence of eruptive Syringoma may be reduced / prevented by using sun blocks when going outdoors, and use astringents with witch hazel that can enhance the integrity of the skin.


Syringoma Treatment And Surgical Removal Methods

The benign nature of Syringoma lesions and treatment is considered cosmetic, whereby Syringomas can be treated by doctors and dermatologists in various surgical ways as below:

  • Excision: the dermatologist will use a small scalpel to cut and take out the syringoma one by one. This might take a long time and may hurt especially if it is deep which is why anesthesia is sometimes needed.

  • Cryotherapy: This involves the use of liquid nitrogen (freezing agent) being sprayed onto the syringomas to freeze and destroy the cells. The procedure itself can be uncomfortable although this does vary according to the area.

  • Electrocautery: The syringoma will be scraped down, followed by electrodessication which will dry/burn the area using electric current.

  • Dermabrasion: this is a milder form of scraping; doctors may use diamond-tipped pens to abrade the surface of the syringoma until it looks flat.

  • Syringoma CO2 Laser: The type of laser that has been used for this treatment is a CO2 or Erbium laser to kill tumor cells. Application of 50% trichloroacetic acid may be done after the laser to remove deep-seated syringoma cells and reduce the side effects like scarring.

In this video, Dr. Schultz discussed what are syringomas and how to treat syringomas.


Medical Syringoma Treatment Cost

While you should consult your doctors or dermatologists for the medical Syringoma treatment cost through the surgery approach, refer below for quick reference.

UK *
UK *
Australia *
Syringoma Treatment£195£50.00 (15 min); £90.00 (30 min) $350 to $800 per 15-30 min session
Laser Skin ResurfacingInitial Treatment is $2700
RemarksExcision, Dermabrasion, CO2 laser, etc.Pay by length of appointment.

* Source of info (last accessed July 2015 with prices are subject to change):

Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center, USA.
Crawley Clinic, West Sussex, UK.
Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty, Brighton, UK.
Medaesthetics, Australia.


Syringoma Treatment Cream: Over The Counter Options

Many people feel hesitant on the surgical treatment that could cause pain and discomfort with scarring risk, whilst some find visits to doctor are costly and time consuming.

So it is common that people are looking at cost effective over the counter Syringoma cream that allows home treatment at their own convenience and discretion.

Unlike skin-tag / wart removal products that are abundant in the consumer market, over the counter syringoma treatment creams are very limited.

Still, comprehensive research have been done, in which we identify the quality syringoma removal product based on customer review results.

Here are the Top Syringoma Treatment Cream that can help you to remove syringoma at home:

#1 Wart & Mole Vanish Cream

Wart Mole Vanish Cream

Wart & Mole Vanish cream is an all natural product formulated to treat skin moles, genital warts, non-genital warts (like common / plantar warts), skin tags, and syringoma.

Wart & Mole Vanish cream contains cashew plant, fig plant, greater celandine plant, lemon, and other natural ingredients.

This award winning product received excellent customer reviews on its syringoma removal effectiveness, with examples as follows:


  • N. Ramos from New York commented: ‘It worked on my syringoma !! At first I doubted that this product would work on my syringomas because I read a lot about syringomas online and people can’t seem to treat them. However, this product worked wonders on me. I am very delighted with the results. I had 2 larger ones and 4 small ones and it got rid of all of them with one application. I didn’t scratched them too much, though the directions did say to do that. This product is expensive.. but on syringomas it’s well worth it. Don’t be surprised when you open the bottle because the bottle is a nice size but there’s only about two or three tear drops of white liquid though it was enough for all 6 of my syringomas. I highly recommend.’

  • Claudia Rayfield feedback: ‘I used it several years ago to remove a cluster of small bumps under my eye’s called syringoma and it completely removed all the bumps and they never came back! I also used it to remove a beauty mark and a mole. I am totally pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone looking for something that really works!’

  • Elizabeth A. Newman of Montana said: ‘I used this product to remove a large mole on my back. The mole immediately sank. It has now been roughly 3 years and the mole never returned.’
    Wart & Mole Vanish Kit comes with cream alongside 5ml of natural antibacterial solution.
    >> Find out more on Wart & Mole Vanish cream alongside additional customer reviews.

    #2 Nevi-Skin Syringoma Removal Cream by Dermal Meds

    Nevi Skin Syringoma Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome

    Made up of proprietary formula with natural herbal extracts, NeviSkin is an all natural topical cream formulated for syringoma removal, while Nevi-Skin is also used to treat other skin conditions like skin tag, mole, and warts including genital warts.

    User reviews show Nevi Skin has been effective to do what it says, with examples of customer testimonials as below:


  • Mo Jo from Essex of England said: ‘I had a mole removed a few years ago which cost £300… I’ve removed 3 moles (all on my face) with this stuff and still have plenty left… I removed the lotion after 20 minutes as instructed using cotton wool and plenty of clean water. There was a slight tingling sensation for a while later but by the morning scabs had started to form. 2 of the treated areas stayed tender for a few days – one was quite a big mole so I’m not really surprised. I’m almost 2 weeks post treatment and 2 areas are clear, smooth and mole free. Where the large mole was there is still a tiny scab there but I can see it’s healing nicely and there won’t be any trace left soon.’

  • Pamela J. Crawford wrote: ‘About 6 months ago my hands broke out in warts. Lots of small ugly warts. They’re disgusting. I was told I could have them frozen off by the doctors but I hate that kind of stuff. So my friend told me about Nevi-Skin and I thought I’d give it a go. Boy am I glad I did! I put the stuff on a couple of my warts first to see how it went. It felt weird for a couple of minutes but it wasn’t painful and those warts fell right off in a couple of days. This is awesome stuff!’

  • Claire feedback: ‘I was very happy with Nevi Skin it saved me lots of money and does what its supposed to do.’
    Nevi-Skin syringoma treatment cream is available to buy online worldwide (including UK) via Nevi-Skin official website to ensure genuine product, with a total money back guarantee to any persons not 100% satisfied with the product within 60 days of purchase.

    NeviSkin is available in different package deals, such as Silver package (1 Container), Gold package (2 Containers), and Platinum package (3 Containers).

    >> Check out Nevi-Skin official website for latest pricing info or Nevi-Skin syringoma natural treatment before after pictures / images.

    Syringoma Treatment And Removal Reviews: Summary

    Syringomas are benign growths appeared as multiple flesh-colored to yellow small dermal papules that are commonly found around (usually below) the eyes.

    With the cosmetic syringoma removal treatment cost is not typically covered by health insurance, while some are concerned on the pain and scarring risk – it is understandable that people are looking for cost effective alternatives like syringoma treatment cream.
    Let’s wrap this up with the summary table below, comparing the two syringoma treatment creams in the market as aforementioned.

    Both are all natural products with proven user results, while key difference between the two are their pricing, in which Nevi-Skin is much cheaper than Wart & Mole Vanish cream.


    Product Name
    Nevi Skin
    Wart & Mole Vanish
    Product Image
    Nevi Skin Wart Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome
    Wart Mole Vanish Cream
    >> Check Latest Price <<
    >> Check Latest Price <<
    All natural herbal extracts
    Cashew plant, fig plant, etc
    Skin Mole Removal
    External Genital Wart Removal
    Non-Genital Wart Removal
    Skin Tag Removal
    Syringoma Removal
    Product Details
    >> More Details <<
    >> More Details <<

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    Listerine For Toenail Fungus Cure: Pros and Cons of Home Remedy?

    Apart from conventional treatments, Listerine for toenail fungus cure has been used by many to help get rid of nail fungus on toes.

    But does this home remedy really work? 

    What are the Listerine toenail fungus cure pros and cons… and alternative treatment at home? 

    Listerine Ingredients For Toenail Fungus Removal?

    Listerine for Toenail Fungus CureListerine mouthwash contains ingredients like Salicylate, Eucalyptol, and Thymol.

    • Eucalyptol acts as an immune system booster, while it also has antimicrobial properties.
    • Thymol has a good effect in killing bacteria.
    • Salicylate is an organic acid that helps eradicate dead skin cells and increases the growth of new skin cells.

    While there are no scientific research and clinical studies on these ingredients that indicate Listerine kills toenail fungus, let’s look at how people self-apply Listerine for toe fungus infections as home remedy.

    Listerine For Toenail Fungus Review: What People Do?

    There are two methods that people normally use Listerine mouthwash for toenail fungus treatment at home:


    Method #1: Listerine Foot Soak for Toenail Fungus

    The most common procedure is the soaking, that means the patients need to soak their toenails in foot bath containing Listerine mouthwash every day.

    This should be done for 30 minutes to 60 minutes each day.

    Undiluted Listerine mouthwash is good to use, however it can be combined with vinegar to cure the infection. It must have the same ratio, though.

    Watch the brief video below on an example of how one uses Listerine and white vinegar for toenail fungus treatment at home.


    Method #2: Directly Apply Listerine on Toenail

    Another method is to apply the Listerine mouthwash directly on the toenails or the nail fungus infected area.

    A cotton swab or a dropper can be a great help, and the process is to be done every day.

    What Kind of Listerine for Toenail Fungus As Home Remedy?

    Based on feedback from those who used Listerine as home remedy for toenail fungus, there is no concrete experience or tips that shows which particular Listerin works or doesn’t work –

    regardless whether the Listerin product is blue / yellow / green colour, or it is original / antiseptic / anticavity mouthwash.

    >> Check out various Listerin mouth rinse and user reviews at here


    Listerine Toenail Fungus Cure Pros and Cons

    While there is no clinical studies and scientific guarantee that Listerine can completely heal toenail fungus, many patients have tried this approach as a home remedy and initial treatment, instead of visiting a doctor.

    Overall, it’s worth a try, with below are advantages and disadvantages of using the mouthwash for nail fungal infections treatment:

    Listerine Toenail Fungus: The Benefits

    • Listerine mouthwash is cheap and easy to obtain, vs medical treatments for toenail fungus can be quite pricey.
    • This home remedy allows home treatment with all people can use the product without hassles. All they need to do is soak their toenails in pure Listerine liquid or foot bath containing Listerine.

    Listerine For Nail Fungus: The Downsides

    • Listerine toenail fungus cure is not supported by clinical studies, with each person gets a different result that this home remedy may not work at all.
    • This home treatment and healing approach may take long time of 3 to 6 months, with not all people have patience for it.


    Alternative to Treat Toenail Fungus At Home

    In case you prefer not to see doctor for toenail fungus removal, one alternative is over the counter nail fungus treatment products, with below are the 2 leading solutions in the market:
    #1: Funginix

    Funginix Reviews Scam or Does It Work for Fungus TreatmentThe active ingredient of Funginix topical solution by Sisquoc Healthcare is Undecylenic Acid, a natural fatty acid extracted from castor oil.

    The other natural ingredients in Funginix with clinically-proven antifungal properties include Clove oil, Sweet Almond oil, Lavender oil, Jasmine oil, Bearberry extract, Rose Hip Flower oil, etc.
    >> Visit Funginix official website here to learn more.

    >> Check out comprehensive Funginix reviews.
    Option 2: ZetaClearZetaClear Spray and Oral Nail Fungus Removal

    ZetaClear Homeopathic nail fungus treatment is a 2-Step resolution that combines Topical Solution with Homeopathic Spray:

    • Topical ZetaClear nail solution works under the surface to promote healthy nails, while smoothing and softening skin around the nail.
    • Oral homeopathic spray that delivers ingredients intended to fight nail fungus directly into the bloodstream that provides natural nail fungus relief.

    >> Visit ZetaClear official website here to learn more.

    >> Check out comprehensive ZetaClear reviews.

    User Feedback: Listerine for Toenail Fungus Does It Work?

    The efficacy and results of listerine nail fungus home remedy have been mixed, with examples of actual user reviews and forum feedback are as below:

    list-style-green-tick-checkTracie S. of Westside feedback via Peoples Pharmacy: “My daughter (age 11) caught a nasty fungus under her big toe. I tried the listerine and vinegar method and she soaked her foot everyday for 3 weeks. Little by little it fell off and has gone away and has not come back… It worked and the nail turned pink again and is fine.”
    list-style-green-tick-checkKodiakstar of Broomall PA commented via Earth Clinic: “Both my big toe nails had a fungus infection for many years… I tried soaking in a Listerine type mouthwash. I soaked my feet in it for 1 hour, 3 days in a row and the ugly yellow fungus color was gone and hasn’t returned for over 25 years.”

    list-style-red-tick-crossVeronica feedback via Peoples Pharmacy: “The listerine didn’t work – just dried my feet up even more than usual.”
    list-style-red-tick-crossAnonymous feedback via DC Urban Mom forum: “Listerine does NOT work! I used it every day for months, and it just turned my nail blue as side effects. I tried sea salt, peroxide, and Vicks vapor rub remedies. I went to a dermatologist because it is a skin condition who referred me to a podiatrist, as I needed laser treament to permanently kill the fungus. The toenail is removed, the fungus scraped, then lasered. It took about 6 months for my nail to grow back (which it did), and it was fungus free.”


    Listerine For Toenail Fungus Cure Review Summary

    While there are no scientific research and clinical studies that indicate Listerine for toenail fungus cure is effective, this is a popular home remedy tried by many because this approach is cheap and easy to apply.

    It is important to note that if listerine for nail fungus does not work on you, it is recommended to visit a doctor or try alternative treatment, before your toenail fungus get worse.
    For those who are exploring over the counter products, it is recommended to consider solutions that contain natural Undecylenic Acid (a form of unsaturated fatty acid which is generally produced from ricinoleic acid present in castor oil) which is approved by the FDA for nail fungus treatment.

    Below are 2 leading over the counter fingernail fungus treatment products in the market – Funginix and ZetaClear – for reference.

    Brand Name
    Product ImageFunginix Reviews Scam or Does It Work for Fungus TreatmentZetaClear Spray and Oral Nail Fungus Removal
    Product TypeTopical Solution with Brush Applicator2-Steps Nail Fungus Treatment: Topical Solution and Homeopathic Spray
    Key IngredientsFDA-approved Natural Undecylenic Acid, Clove Flower Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Juice, etc.FDA-approved Natural Undecylenic Acid, Lemongrass Oil, Thuja Occidentalis, etc.
    Price>> Check Latest Price <<>> Check Latest Price <<
    Full Product Details>> More Details <<>> More Details <<


    Cold Sore Scab Fell Off: Turn Red or Too Soon – Now What?

    Cold Sore Scab Fell Off Turn Red Too SoonCold sore or fever blister is one of the common viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus type 1.

    An infected person has to go through 5 different cold sore stages within 7 to 10 days, including hard protective crust on the infected area that falls off eventually.

    After cold sore scab fell off, turns red or too soon – now what?

    Cold Sore Scab Stage: What Happens?

    Cold sore scab falling off is the last stage before getting healed. After the scabs fall off naturally, it leave behind a red or light pink skin which is generally flaky, dry and even swollen. During this stage, an infected person may experience painful splitting or cracking of the scabs.

    Studies by the University of California San Diego indicate applying ice or recommended ointment can help prevent itching and bleeding.


    After the Cold Sore Scab Fell Off – Is It Contagious?

    According to Mayo Clinic, cold sore is still contagious even after the scab falls off in a natural way. Make sure not to share any types of utensils or even glasses until the infected area gets healed up completely and you are able to experience a healthy skin out there.
    What to do after cold sore cold sore scab fell off early or turns red?

    1. Do not touch the infected area

    Cold sore scab falling off does not mean that you have been cured from the specific viral infection. It can certainly reappear and thereby it will be wise for you to prevent touching the specific infected area for at least 10 to 14 days after the scab fell off.

    2. Don’t be over-exposed to sun

    You should never get overexposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays because it can trigger the reappearance of the cold sore. Make sure to wear hat or use recommended ointment in order to prevent any harm to your skin.

    3. Limit physical contact

    After cold sore scab falls off, it will be wise for you to limit physical contact with your partner, and prevent sharing drinks with other people for at least 10 to 12 days after the cold sore scab falls off.

    4. Make sure to prevent stress

    Avoid mental stress to help prevent re-appearance of cold sore infection. Provide some relaxation to free your mind whenever necessary.

    Cold Sore Treatment For All Cold Sore Stages

    Cold sore devices with advanced technology that offer electronic cold sore treatment (such as pain-free light therapy) has gained popularity over the years, because they are convenient with hygenic application, and re-usable device with a replaceable battery allows unlimited uses and treatment of cold sores for future outbreaks.

    While you can learn more by checking out this detailed cold sore devices review guide, the standout option is Virulite as the only electronic device cleared by US FDA for cold sores treatment.
    virulite cold sore machine electronic treatmentVirulite cold sore device uses a patented 1072nm light technology to heal the cold sores faster — by stimulating your own body immune response naturally without side effects, and halves cold sore healing time.

    The efficacy of this electronic cold sore light treatment device is medically proven with clinical results, supported by actual user reviews and experience.
    >> Check out actual Virulite user reviews at (USA)

    >> Check out actual Virulite user reviews at (UK)

    Other Points To Take Note After Cold Sore Scab Fell Off

    • How to prevent bleeding of cold sore scabs?

    To soften scabs in order to prevent cracking and bleeding, it is recommended to apply petroleum jelly or recommended ointment on a daily basis. This vital tip will also help in enhancing the healing process in an effective way.
    • Will a new sore reappear as soon as the scab falls off?

    According to the University of Wisconsin, the virus HSV-1 may become active again and cause recurrent cold sores. So it is important to take necessary prevention to avoid common cold sore triggers, such as stress and fatigue.
    >> Check out Cold Sore Free Forever Program for Natural Cold Sore Treatment at Home