Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cream Name For Treatment at Home?

pearly penile papules removal treatment creamDeep down, you know it’s true:

Pearly penile papules have shattered your pride and smashed your confidence to smithereens.

To make things worse, not all patients afford the hefty medical treatment and surgery cost.

You may be wondering:

Any pearly penile papules removal cream available OTC for self-treatment at home?

This is the one-stop ultimate guide that we comprehensively review through this skin condition of men on how to get rid of pearly penile papules – including comparison of medical treatment vs over the counter solutions – to save your time and hassle in overcoming this nightmare.


Understand Pearly Penile Papules: Causes and Symptoms

So how do you get pearly penile papules?

Pearly penile papules (PPP) are tiny dome-shaped or thread-like, flesh-colored bumps that appear on the penis.

Contrary to the popular belief, these papules are not caused by sexual activity, and it is not STD (sexually transmitted disease).

The pearly papules are merely a variation of the normal anatomy of the penile head, in which they are harmless and non-contagious. Their only symptom is the presence of painless, skin-colored bumps along the glans of the penis.

Dr. Swetha Sunny Paul shares more details of this male skin condition in video below, that also shows pearly penile papules image.


Pearly Penile Papules Removal and Treatment Options

Despite this skin condition is harmless, most patients are anxious to have them removed mainly due to embarrassment and self-confidence, just as actual patient comments in forum like below:

faqer commented: “Having PPP sucks, until recently thought i had genital warts, which made my life a living hell around women. It really sucks when your not informed about stuff like this… PPP is without a doubt a confidence killer.”

Jayesser commented: “I have them.. I don’t know what to do and i hate them. It really dents my confidence with women.”

jcarrier commented: “My issue with them is the impression that it gives that it could be an STD. 99% of girls would not know that that is not natural, common thing.”

As such, if you are looking for pearly penile papules cure, you are definitely not alone.

Just read on, or click on below to go straight to the section.



Option 1: Pearly Penile Papules Surgery and Medical Treatment

The common procedures used for removing the papules include:

pearly penile papules treatment surgery1. Excisional surgery

The excision procedure involves physically cutting out the papule one by one with a surgical knife (scalpel). This approach is generally less accurate and may results in damage to the surrounding tissues and scarring.
2. Cryotherapy
This treatment destroys the papules by freezing it with liquid nitrogen at extreme low temperatures, until they fall off.
3. Radiosurgery

Radiosurgery is used to treat a variety of soft tissue conditions, like pearly penile papules. Instead of using a scalpel, radio waves do the cutting. Radiowave technology is the passage of ultra-high-frequency radiowaves into the skin for the purpose of eliminating lesions.
4. Electrosurgery

In Electrosurgery, an electrical charge is sent through the tip of a needle to remove the papules by burning it. Electrosurgery is often adopted together with Curettage procedure, which scraps off the papules with a scalpel or small spoon-shaped tool. These procedures usually require local anesthetic, may be painful, whilst depth control of electrocautery and curettage during pearly penile papules treatment is crucial to prevent scarring.
5. Carbon dioxide laser vaporization

The CO2 laser is used in surgical procedures for soft tissues, in which the papules are put in a state of extreme dryness, after which the residual tissues are removed by surgical instruments. This method can be painful and may result in scarring.

In video below, San Diego dermatologist Dr William Groff uses CO2 laser to remove pearly penile papules for his patient.


Pearly Penile Papules Surgical Removal Cost

The pearly penile papules removal cost is high with surgical approach, which usually costs anywhere between $750 – $2500 depending on your local medical institute.

Below are examples for pearly penile papules removal cost comparison:



Option 2: Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cream

Unlike genital wart topical creams that are available per prescription or over the counter as reviewed in this comprehensive guide

If you have done your research, you would know that you will not be able to find any pearly penile papules solution in your local stores and pharmacies – like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Boots UK, etc.
Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cream Name
The only pearly penile papules removal cream name that we can find is called 3P Gel.

3P-Gel is the first pearly penile papules removal cream available over the counter, which works by regressing the papules by targeting the fibrotic core under PPP and causes them to disperse.

This OTC product, available at, contains all natural active ingredients like Retinol, aloe vera gel, oregano oil, coconut oil, and lactobacillus fermentum (a probiotic species with preventative and therapeutic properties).
>> Check out 3P Gel at with user reviews on its efficacy to remove PPP


Option 3: Alternative Pearly Penile Papules Removal at Home

For those who prefers home remedy pearly papules removal easy and quickly –

An alternative treatment option is the non-surgical way shared by alternative medicine practitioner Josh Marvin that you can >> check out more details here.

You should possess basic understanding on how to get rid of pearly penile papules by now.

To facilitate your decision making, let’s regroup your mind by looking at…

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your PPP Treatment Option

1. Cost. As shown in the reference information of cost earlier, pearly penile papules surgery with consultation fee and follow up is the most expensive option that easily cost between $750 – $2500. This is normally not covered by medical insurance as PPP removal is considered cosmetic surgery and not medically necessary.

2. Pain Tolerance. As different individuals have different pain tolerance levels, PPP surgery may not be appropriate for some individuals.

3. Scarring. A common concern among patients is having noticeable scar after surgery.

4. Time Needed for Treatment. Surgery is usually faster in getting rid of PPP compared to pearly penile papules removal cream and home remedy. On the other hand, majority of the medical treatment methods may require repeated office visits.

5. Privacy. Some people prefer self-treatment at home in an discreet way, rather than paying embarrassing visit to doctor’s office.

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cream and Treatment Review: The Verdict

Despite PPP is harmless male skin condition, most patients are anxious to have them removed mainly due to embarrassment and self-confidence.

However, there is no “one size fits all” pearly penile papules cure, as different people may have different preference and factors of consideration.

For those who looks for pearly penile papules removal cream name, >> check out product details of 3P Gel at here alongside actual user reviews and feedback.

Hope this guide helps you to make an educated decision in getting rid of your PPP nightmare.

Which pearly penile papules removal option you will pursue?

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