Salicylic Acid Wart Removal Stages with Compound W: Does It Work?

Warts are usually harmless.

As a matter of fact, in some cases, they go away on their own in years or months.

However, if they cause pain or spread or if you do not like the way they look, you might consider treating them.

There are various ways to get rid of warts, with one of the popular treatment is using Salicylic acid.

But what are the Salicylic acid wart removal stages – with OTC products like Compound W wart remover?


OTC Salicylic Acid Based Wart Removers

Salicylic acid is a caustic substance, which can treat various skin problems including psoriasis, acne, corns, dermatitis, warts, and calluses.

Many over-the-counter wart treatments for warts on the feet contain salicylic acid, which is simple to use and can get rid of warts within a few weeks if applied properly and regularly.

Compound W salicylic acid wart removers are among the most popular OTC option, with its Compound W Fast Acting Wart Remover Gel and Compound W Wart Remover Liquid:

  • contain salicylic acid 17% ww as active ingredient.
  • contain Inactive ingredients include menthol, camphor, hypophosphorous acid, etc.
  • are formulated to remove plantar warts and common warts.

Other salicylic acid based wart removal product types include wart stick and wart removal pads.


Salicylic Acid Wart Removal Stages: How Does It Work?

Regardless if you are using Compound W gel / liquid or other salicylic acid based products, the key salicylic acid wart removal stages include:
Stage 1: Choose the right product to treat particular wart type. OTC salicylic acid preparations like Compound W can treat warts that grow on the feet’s soles and warts on some common areas like fingers and hands, but Compound W is not formulated to be applied on genital warts.
Stage 2: Wash and use a piece of cloth to dry the wart and its surrounding skin areas. It prepares the wart for the application of salicylic acid based wart remover which will penetrate it to do its work.
Stage 3: Apply your salicylic acid wart remove ras directed in the packaging of the product. Generally, you’ll either be directed to apply the liquid to the warts and cover this with a bandage or you’ll affix adhesive pads soaked with salicylic acid over the warts.
Stage 4: Leave it on the warts as directed on the package of the product. Typically, it will be for between a day and two. The covering must stay in place for the whole time. Replace this if it falls off before a particular amount of time.
Stage 5: Remove covering and wash off salicylic acid wart remover, reapply as directed. It is recommended that dead skin must be filed off the warts before applying more salicylic acid. The area may be soaked in warm water for ten minutes first to make filing much easier.
Stage 6: Repeated the process until your wart is removed completely that can take a few weeks. Salicylic acid will destroy a bit more of the warts with every application until the last of your dead skin can be filed away.


Salicylic Acid Wart Treatment vs Alternatives

Warts may spread once you come in contact with the virus. You might also infect yourself again once you touch the warts and touch another part of the body. You could also infect others when you share razors, towels or some personal items.

So, before it’s too late, learn how to get rid of warts using salicylic acid. It’s an inexpensive wart remover that you can find in most supermarkets and drugstores, with one of the salicylic acid products you can purchase is Compound W which is trusted by many people.

However, make sure to follow the directions and application steps for use properly as this can make a difference in getting results, in which you can learn more on salicylic acid wart removal efficacy and case studies with these useful actual user reviews at
If you are looking for alternative non-acid wart removal options like natural wart removers, check out this comprehensive OTC wart removers review guide or this genital wart OTC treatment guide for your reference to make an educated decision.

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