Skin Tag Removal Cream at Boots UK: Same as Mole Remover or..?

You know it’s true:

If you have been looking for over the counter skin tag removal cream and mole remover at Boots UK, it is natural that you will struggle to find any suitable solution.

Let’s go through to understand why, and what are the OTC alternatives for treatment at home.


Buy Skin Tag Removal Cream & Mole Remover at Boots UK?

skin tag removal cream boots uk
For those who have been visiting Boots stores in UK, you will observe that there is no OTC skin tag remover and mole removal products available to buy.
Similarly, when we visit the official Boots website here, there is no such products available for sale – as shown in this snapshot.

Skin Tag and Mole Removal in UK: The Alternatives

While the embarrassing skin tags and skin moles can affect self esteem, it is understandable that people are looking for cost effective over the counter creams to get rid of such skin growths.

Research has been done, in which below are 2 leading OTC products formulated for removal of skintags and moles – without doctor prescription required.
Skincell Pro Serum

Recommendation #1: SkinCell Pro Serum is formulated to help remove embarrassing skin tag and moles.

This popular product contains all natural ingredients, including natural mineral Zincum Muriaticum alongside flowering plant Sanguinaria Canadensis that stimulates white blood cells to remove a blemish.

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Nevi Skin Mole Skin Tag Wart Remover

Recommendation #2: Nevi-Skin by Dermal Meds is an OTC product formulated with natural herbal extracts to help get rid of skin tags, moles, genital warts, plantar warts (verrucas), and common warts.

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Both are all natural topical cream with proven user results, with below is the comparison table.

For those who have been struggling to find suitable solutions at Boots UK to get rid of your annoying skin tag or mole, hope this guide helps you to make an educated purchase decision.

Product Name
SkinCell PRO Serum
Nevi Skin
Product Image
Skincell Pro Serum
Nevi Skin Mole Skin Tag Wart Remover
>> Check Latest Price <<
>> Check Latest Price <<
Sanguinaria Canadensis plant, Zincum Muriaticum mineral.
All natural herbal extracts
Skin Tag Removal
Skin Mole Removal
Wart Removal
Product Details
>> More Details <<
>> More Details <<
Where To Buy
>> Visit SkinCell Pro Website <<
>> Visit NeviSkin Website <<


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