Skin Tags on Penile Shaft Scrotum: Removal Option As Warts Moles?

Skin Tags on Penile Shaft Scrotum Warts MolesIt’s OK to admit it:

Warts, moles, and skin tags on penile shaft or scrotum can shatter your pride and smashes your confidence to smithereens.

Solution is needed not only to get rid of these unsightly skin lesions, but also the associated psychological torture.

So what are the penis warts / moles / skin tags removal and treatment options for men, alongside their pros and cons?

Warts Mole & Skin Tags on Penile Shaft and Scrotum: Any Health Impact?

Some common questions include –

What are the causes and symptoms of these skin lesions? Are they contagious and dangerous?

Let’s have a quick glance through here for our basic understanding.

HPV Warts on Penile Shaft and Scrotum

  • Wart is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), in which warts on penile shaft and scrotum are referred to genital warts caused by high-risk HPV strains like HPV-6 and HPV-11.
  • HPV wart on penis in men with cauliflower-like appearance will not cause penile cancer (which is caused by other high risk HPV virus types like HPV-16 and HPV-18).
  • HPV strain that cause penile shaft wart is contagious, with the virus is primarily sexually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact during vaginal or anal intercourse.

Skin Tags on Penile Shaft and Scrotum

  • Skin tags are benign skin growths that look like a small, soft balloons of hanging skin.
  • According to Medical News Today, skin tags are caused by bunches of collagen and blood vessels which are trapped inside thicker bits of skin, while obesity is also associated with skin tag development.
  • Skin tags are harmless and don’t usually cause pain or discomfort, but their unsightly appearance can affect self esteem – especially for skin tags on (base of) penile shaft or scrotum.

Moles on Penile Shaft and Scrotum

  • There are 3 different types of skin moles: Regular moles, Irregular moles, and Cancerous moles (Melanoma).
  • While regular moles are typically harmless, irregular moles with asymmetrical shape need consultation from doctor who may obtain a sample of the skin for biopsy diagnosis to confirm if it is benign or cancerous growth.


Skin Tags, Moles, Warts on Penile Shaft and Scrotum: Treatment Options

Skin tags may appear on penile shaft, on the scrotum, and on the head of the penis — while the other skin conditions that can happen on penis include genital warts, moles, and cyst.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for these skin growth removal, because different people may have different treatment preferences, pain tolerance levels, finance capability, etc.


Option 1: Surgery of Penile Warts Skin-Tags and Moles

Doctors would first diagnose then recommend surgical treatment, which is usually performed as outpatient surgery as a day surgical procedure.

The common surgical approaches to get rid of skin-tags, HPV warts, and moles on penile shaft and scrotum are:

  • Excision: Skin lesion is removed with a scalpel by cutting it off.
  • Laser: Remove skin lesion using specific wavelength of laser energy.
  • Cryosurgery: Skin lesion is frozen off using a probe containing liquid nitrogen.
  • Cauterization: Skin lesion is burned off using electric current passes through probe-tip.

Penis Warts Skin Tags Moles SurgeryNot all male patients prefer surgery on the penile shaft though, as surgical treatment could cause pain and discomfort with scarring risk, whilst some find visits to doctor are time consuming and embarrassing.

Moreover, visits to the doctor for such treatment could be costly. The surgery cost mainly depends on the surgical method, with the doctor usually recommend surgical approach based on the type / size / location of warts, skin moles, and skin tags.
Note that health insurance plans consider such surgical treatment procedure as cosmetic and therefore do not provide coverage, unless it is medically necessary.

While you should consult your local medical institute or dermatologist for diagnosis to determine the exact cost, the estimation of the surgical removal cost range in US and UK indicated below could serve as your quick reference.

New York *
UK *
London *
USD $200
USD $350 – $450
Follow Up
£80 (3-4 sessions may be required)
Skin Mole Removal
from £295
from £299
Skin Tag Removal
From $200 per lesion
from £159
Wart Removal
USD $450 (1-5 warts), USD $550 (5-10 warts)
From £299
Additional Skin Mole / Wart Removal
From £199
USD $610 (include 3~4 follow up)
£160 (1-3 warts), £250 (4-6 warts)
From £199
USD $360
from £295
USD $495

* Sources of above cost reference table [ prices subject to change ]:


Option 2: Over The Counter Topical Treatment Cream

When people are fazed by how much does it cost to remove scrotal skin tags and HPV bumps surgically, it is natural that they look for alternatives without going to doctor, which is why over the counter topical creams come into the consideration.

While there are many products in the consumer market, very few products are formulated to get rid of skin lesion on delicate body areas like penile shaft and testicles scrotum sack with sensitive skin.

Upon research done, here are the Top 2 over the counter topical creams that can help you to get rid of skin tags on scrotum and penile shaft at home – without prescription required:

#1 Nevi-Skin Warts, Skin Tag, and Moles Removal Cream.

Nevi Skin Mole Skin Tag Wart RemoverNeviSkin by Dermal Meds is an all natural topical cream with herbal extracts formulated to get rid of skin tag, mole, syringoma, and warts including genital warts.

Each Nevi Skin container holds enough topical treatment cream to remove 5-25 small skin tags.

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#2 Skincell Pro Skin Tag Corrector

Skincell Pro SerumSkincell Pro is topical solution specifically formulated with all natural ingredients to get rid of skin tags.

This powerful serum uniquely combines flowering plant Sanguinaria Canadensis that stimulates white blood cells to remove a blemish, alongside natural mineral Zincum Muriaticum.

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Surgery vs Over The Counter Treatment: Pros and Cons

Below are some key factors to consider before choosing your treatment option to remove skin tags, moles, and warts on scrotum or penile shaft:
1. Pain Tolerance. As different individuals have different pain tolerance levels, invasive surgery on penis may not be appropriate for some individuals, with topical treatment is preferred.

2. Cost. As shown above, surgery (with consultation fee and follow up) could easily starts with USD $400 till USD $800 and above, vs OTC topical removal cream typically at below USD $50.

3. Time Needed for Treatment. Surgery is usually faster in getting rid of skin tags and warts compared to topical treatments, though majority of the medical treatment methods may require repeated office visits.

4. Scarring. According to WebMD, scarring is an important consideration factor when choosing treatment of wart and skin tags, with scarring from surgery may be permanent.

5. Privacy. Some may find visits to doctors to treat skin conditions on penis are embarrassing, while some people prefer OTC self-treatment with convenience and discretion at home.

Removal of Wart Moles Skin-Tags on Penile Shaft & Scrotum

There is no “one size fits all” solution, because different people may have different treatment preferences, pain tolerance levels, finance capability, etc.

This review post gives an overview that should help you make an educated decision, on how to get rid of warts, moles, and skin tags on penile shaft or scrotum.
With such surgery cost is not typically covered by health insurance, it is understandable that people are looking for alternatives in today’s tough economic climate –

such as the aforementioned recommendations as natural OTC products formulated to remove skin tags, moles, and warts on delicate body areas like genitals with sensitive skin.

Both are all natural topical cream with proven user results, with below is the comparison table. Hope this helps you to make an educated purchase decision.

Product Name
SkinCell PRO Serum
Nevi Skin
Product Image
Skincell Pro Serum
Nevi Skin Mole Skin Tag Wart Remover
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Sanguinaria Canadensis plant, Zincum Muriaticum mineral.
All natural herbal extracts
Skin Tag Removal
Skin Mole Removal
Wart Removal
Product Details
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Where To Buy
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