Somxl Reviews: Cream at Walmart Walgreens or Alternatives?

Somxl cream is an over the counter product formulated for genital warts treatment.

But does Somxl actually work?

Is Somxl cream sold at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Boots UK, and in local stores / pharmacy?

This post comprehensively reviews Somxl ingredients, directions on application instructions, Somxl side effects, customer reviews on Somxl effectiveness, and comparison of Somxl vs other wart removal cream alternatives.

Somxl Ingredients Review

Manufactured in New Zealand, Somxl Clinical Strength cream has 2 active ingredients:

1. Salicylic Acid

Commonly used for wart treatment, Salicylic Acid is a keratolytic (peeling agent) that softens the outer layer of skin, and cause the wart to gradually peel off.

2. Ozone

Ozone is claimed to activate the white blood cells that helps destroy the foreign bodies in blood, while helps rejuvenate the skin by increasing the oxygen levels in the skin where it is applied topically.

Somxl Directions / Application Instructions

Follow the instructions per product label, with below are the simple steps on how to use Somxl skin care cream:

Step 1: Wash the skin with water, leave for 2 minutes and dry completely.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of Somxl Clinical Strength cream, gently use your fingertip to massage the cream in for 1-2 minutes. Do not remove after applying.

Step 3: Use Somxl Clinical Strength cream twice daily – morning and night.

If the patients also choose Somxl Accelerator cream as the optional product to accelerate the wart removal process, the same application procedure above applied.

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Somxl Side Effects

So is Somxl safe to use?

Most people may encounter minor adverse side effects when apply Salicylic acid based products, whereby common Somxl side effects may include skin irritation, peeling, red, or scaling skin.

Seek medical attention immediately if you encounter severe side effects such as breathing difficulty, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of hearing, tinnitus, lethargy, hyperpnea, diarrhea, or psychic disturbances.


Where To Buy Somxl Cream: Walmart Walgreens CVS Boots?

Somxl genital wart cream is not found at official website of Walmart / Walgreens / CVS as shown below, as the product is physically not available at such online pharmacy and stores.

Somxl Walmart Walgreens CVS Boots


Somxl Genital Wart Cream Reviews at Amazon

While there is no indication that Somxl is sold in stores of UK / Australia / Canada as well, it is observed that Somxl is available for sale at Amazon.

However, it is obviously alarming to see that Somxl has consistently received the Lowest rating based on ALL the feedback from verified purchasers at Amazon.
All the Somxl customer reviews at Amazon feedback that Somxl is “Not Working”, “Worthless”, “A Waste of Time and Money”, “A Complete Scam”, and “It Burned Terribly”.

Don’t just take my word:

>> Check out actual customer reviews and feedback from Somxl users at


Somxl vs Other OTC Wart Removal Products

As the Somxl treatment effectiveness reviews have generally been negative, below are some over the counter genital warts removal alternatives for consideration.

Or you can check out this comprehensive genital wart cream review guide that should serve as useful one-stop reference guide for you.

Product Image
Nevi Skin Wart Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome
Condyline Paint Review
Wartrol Wart Remover at at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome
Product FormulationAll natural herbal extractsPodophyllotoxin (plant extract) basedSalicylic acid based
IngredientsAll natural herbal extracts0.5% Podophyllotoxin + Sodium lactate etc17% salicylic acid + Ethyl alcohol, Menthol etc
Genital Wart TreatmentYesYesNo
Foot Verruca / Hand Wart TreatmentYesNoYes

Option 1: Somxl vs Condyline Paint

Condyline is an OTC topical solution widely used for HPV genital warts treatment. The active ingredient in Condyline paint is Podophyllotoxin, a plant extract with antiviral and antiwart properties.

>> Check out comprehensive Condyline Paint reviews.

Option 2: Somxl vs Nevi-Skin cream

Nevi-Skin by DermalMeds is a topical treatment cream formulated with natural herbal extracts, for removal of genital warts, plantar foot warts, hand warts, moles on the skin and face, skin tags and syringoma.

>> Check out comprehensive Nevi-Skin reviews.
Note: Somxl vs Wartrol

Wartrol is a liquid wart remover formulated with 17% Salicylic acid as active ingredient, and inactive ingredients such as Ethyl alcohol and Menthol etc.

Although Wartrol is also a Salicylic acid based product just like Somxl, the Wartrol “Maximum Strength” OTC fast-acting liquid wart remover is formulated to remove verrucas, common warts, and flat warts – with its packaging case clearly warns do not apply the product on genitals.

As such, if you are looking for genital wart solution, then Wartrol is not an appropriate choice.

>> Check out comprehensive Wartrol reviews.


Somxl Reviews Summary

Somxl cream is an over the counter product formulated for genital warts treatment, with its active ingredients are Salicylic Acid and Ozone.

While Somxl does not seem to be sold at Walmart, Walgreens, and local stores –

It is not recommended to pursue Somxl cream for genital wart treatment because the customer reviews on Somxl cream have been generally negative, and thus alternatives are to be considered.

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