Tagamet For Warts, Cimetidine For Molluscum: The Dosage?

It sounds weird to hear people used cimetidine tagamet for warts and molluscum treatment.

While many doubt if such method is supported by any clinical studies, a common question is:

What is the recommended cimetidine tagamet dosage for warts removal? Any side effects?

Let’s jump right in to comprehensively review through.


Tagamet For Warts: What Do The Medical Experts Say?

Cimetidine is a medicine which works by reducing the amount of acid in stomach, in which it is used to treat gastrointestinal ulcers and to relieve heartburn and indigestion.
tagamet for warts cimetidine for molluscum OTC
Cimetidine has been marketed under the brand name of Tagamet, which is available over the counter.

The million dollar question is:

How does Tagamet work for warts removal?

While there are saying in layman’s term that Cimetidine / Tagamet stimulates the body immune system to fight off HPV wart virus, let’s see some medical results and technical explanation.

Based on clinical research by Nippon Medical School of Japan:

  • 55 patients with multiple viral warts were treated only with oral cimetidine for up to 4 months to examine the efficacy of treatment.
  • The investigation results suggested that ‘cimetidine is an effective treatment for viral warts… that cimetidine activates Th1 cells to produce IL-2 and IFN-c and that their expression correlates with wart remission’, as shown below.

tagamet for warts cimetidine over the counter


Cimetidine Tagamet OTC For Warts Review: User Feedback

So does Cimetidine for warts treatment really work at users end?

There are quite some success stories like below without tagamet side effects, with some also indicated the cimetidine dosage and timing for adult and children in their respective cases:


#1: Utaalk feedback his tagamet warts removal experience – per recommendation from the dermatologist!

‘My Tagamet dosage was prescribed by my dermatologist… he mentioned cimitedine as an approach. I guess he figured I was open to alternative approaches which I was.

He prescribed 600mg a day for 2 months. After two weeks the warts were disappearing. He told me he had very good results with other patients treating genital warts with cimitedine.. I have been wart free now for over 6 months..

600mg = 3 x 200mg tablets a day. You can take 1.5 tablets in the morning and then 1.5 at night before bed. I’m serious when I tell you it cleared mine in 2 weeks. I had no side effects whatsoever from the cimitedine..’


#2 Snoopie141 commented on cimetidine tagamet warts treatment and dosage for children, per dermatologist’ prescription:

My daughter has been taking Tagamet (400 mgs a day) and multivitamin for 2 months with excellent results.. this poor child was embarrassed to show her hands or even be sock free.

Dermatologist prescribed Tagamet and the multivitamin and told us to give it 3 months, but we should start to see results within 3-4 weeks.. we did. Two months later, she is wart free on her feet, arms, face, mouth, eye lids. She has only 3 warts left on her hands and they were the largest ones, they have shrunk to a 1/4 of the size they were and I expect they will be gone within the month. So YES!! Tagamet works.’
tagamet for warts cimetidine for molluscum OTC
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#3 Diego Simonson of Oslo Norway shared his off-label use of cimetidine tagamet over the counter to get rid of plantar warts:

‘I didn’t use this product for its primary use (heartburn), but because it was recommended as a potential treatment of plantar warts. After (unsuccessfully) trying many of the conventional methods (freezing, burning, duct tape, acid, etc.), I took Tagamet for a month, and right now both of my warts are 100% gone. So if you have plantar warts, I’d recommend giving it a shot!’


#4 Bahama-Doc used tagamet for genital warts (anus), and his tried tagamet dosage for warts removal:

‘I had about four huge warts that were so big that they resembled two plugs of grape fruit placed on either side of my anus on the outside… i started a regimen of Tagamet HB AND Zinc Gluconate – BOTH are OTC so discretion is not a problem.

I am taking 5 x 200mg tablets of Tagamet twice daily for 2 months, and 6 x 50mg of Zinc Gluconate twice daily for one month. Within the first week of treatment, my warts were visibly smaller and even other wounds and areas of my body have sped up in healing. ‘
tagamet for warts cimetidine for molluscum OTC
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Recommended Cimetidine Tagamet Dosage For Warts: Adults and Children

Based on the success story examples of tagamet for warts shown above –

the tagamet dosage used ranges from 400mg / 600mg to (beyond) 1000mg daily.

So you might be wondering:

What is the recommended cimetidine dosage for warts removal?
As quick reference, according to American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP):

Cimetidine (Tagamet) is known to stimulate T-lymphocyte populations, which are important in controlling viral infections.

At a dosage of 30 to 40 mg per kg per day, it has been tried with varying success in the treatment of warts.

A small trial in children found cimetidine to be as effective as the usual topical agents or cryotherapy.

Another trial combining cimetidine with levamisole (an immunomodulator used in colon cancer treatment) reported cure rates of 85.7% versus 45.5% with cimetidine alone.

If we solely base on this AAFP’s recommendation as guideline of tagamet dosage for warts (warning: no maximum dosage specified by AAFP in this source):

  • Example #1: Cimetidine dosage range for a 15kg kid is 450mg ~ 600mg daily.
  • Example #2: Dosage for a 50kg adult is 1500mg ~ 2000mg daily (is this excessive?).

While most people started with lower dosage 400mg to 800mg daily –

As tagamet overdose may risk incurring side effects, it is advised to always consult your doctor accordingly prior using cimetidine tagamet as wart treatment.

With the recommended dose could be high, this therapy should be medically supervised.
Here are some additional user feedback on the cimetidine tagamet dosage for warts:

#5. Julie K shared ‘My daughter, when she was age 15, had such a bad case of plantar warts that we were going monthly to a podiatrist and having several excised just to find more growing… She was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed her Cimetidine 800mg 3x a day. It took about 6 months but with no other treatment, it cleared it up.’
#6. Pharmacist Bob P. commented ‘My son had cauliflower wart for last one year.. we were giving my son 50mg/kg/day… around 1200-1300 mg per day… we did twice a day so 600-650 mg twice a day.. Professionally I am pharmacist so it was hard to believe, but I got a very positive response.. My son had 10-15 warts and they all fell off in 3 months..
#7. NR said, ‘My son’s dermatologist prescribed 800mg twice each day (1600 mg/day). He’s only 11 but he’s 5 feet tall and 110 pounds (49 KG). I asked his pediatrician about the dosage because I think it’s too much for a child. The doctor told me there are no dosage guidelines for children and 1600 mg/day is the maximum dose for an adult. Needless to say I will not be giving my son the full amount.


Cimetidine Tagamet For Warts: Any Side Effects?

Not everyone is successful with cimetidine tagamet warts removal, though.

According to University of Michigan, a clinical study shows only 30.7% (8 of 26) of patients had their warts cured when treated with oral cimetidine at a dosage of 25-40 mg/kg/day.

Side effects due to cimetidine are rare and generally reversible once the medication is stopped. Minor tagamet side effects include diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, headache, insomnia, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting.
Here are some results with concerns from those with Tagamet wart removal experience:

JK feedback: ‘I had a problem with a wart on my hand and knee, I wouldn’t wear shorts. But I took tagamet, one tablet a day and in less than a month both of the warts disappeared. My only side effect in the beginning was I got dizzy.’
MK said, ‘I have been taking Tagamet for awhile now twice daily so 400 mg and it has not helped the raised wart on my finger at all. I’ve gone to the dermatologist and had it cut off and freezed about 6 times and that hasn’t helped either.’
Loretta commented on using tagamet for warts with side effects experienced: ‘I had used Tagamet (Cimetidine) – and had no new outbreaks of warts BUT only after some time I realized that I have side effects! Loss of appetite, always sleepiness and hair loss! my hair was droping out like ~200 per day! but normal is no more than ~100! and my husband had headache and some kind of dizziness! So looks like different bodies and different side effects! someone has them and someone does not!’
tagamet for warts cimetidine for molluscum OTC
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Cimetidine Tagamet For Warts: Other OTC Alternatives

In case you have concern on the potential Tagamet side effects or overdose risk, here are some over the counter alternative reviews for you to make an educated decision:

Option 1: AHCC Supplement

Study by The University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) Medical School revealed positive signs that extract from Japanese Shiitake mushrooms called Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) shows promise in treating HPV – the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts.

>> Learn more about AHCC warts removal and HPV treatment

Option 2: OTC Wart Removal Products

With so many over the counter wart removal products in the market, you may get overwhelmed with information overload in identifying what is the best option. So here are the one-stop reference guides:

>> Check out comprehensive OTC Non-Genital Warts remover guide, eg. plantar/common wart.

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How About Cimetidine Tagamet For Molluscum?

Similarly, there are success stories of using tagamet for molluscum treatment.

Let’s first look at this clinical results published by the British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital of Vancouver, Canada:

  • 13 pediatric patients with molluscum contagiosum were treated with a two-month course of oral cimetidine 40 mg/kg/day.
  • All but three children who completed treatment experienced clearance of all lesions, demonstrated that oral cimetidine may be of benefit in the management of widespread or facial molluscum contagiosum in immunocompetent children.

cimetidine tagamet for molluscum
As shown, just as tagamet for warts, this clinical studies also used similar cimetidine dosage of 40 mg/kg/day for molluscum contagiosum treatment.
According to K Wiss’ comments in NEJM Journal Watch:

Cimetidine may be an excellent alternative treatment for children with molluscum. The drug is thought to have immunomodulatory effects by blocking histamine-induced stimulation of T-suppressor-cell activity, thereby enhancing T-cell immunity. It is safe, well-tolerated by children, and easier to administer than other treatments.

And here are some promising users feedback on tagamet molluscum treatment:

Kara said, ‘I just got done treating my 5 year old daughter with Tagamet for Molluscum. She was covered with nearly 100 bumps, and had multiple big patches of eczema trapped between the bumps. Within 2 days of taking the Tagamet (100 mg twice a day), they noticeably started to dry up and within a week, they were ALL scabbed over and healing.. The change in her bumps was DRAMATIC.’
Stacey S shared her experience: ‘My youngest son caught them from a friend. We used Tagamet (reflux stuff) and they went away fast! I also cleaned the tub every single time he got out of it so that my daughter didn’t catch it.’
Becky Schmitt commented: ‘To treat extensive molluscum in children, try cimetidine [Tagamet] 30-40 mg/kg/day divided into two to three daily doses. I have found this to be successful in as little as four to six weeks.’

klyn feedback: ‘My seven year old son had approximately 70 bumps before we discovered that it was molluscum contagiosum warts.. I decided to start with ZymaDerm and Tagamet. I gave him half a tablet (100 mg) every night. I also put on the ZymaDerm twice a day… After about two weeks of these two treatments, the warts started drying up. Now, approximately a couple more weeks later, most of the warts are gone and what few are left are nearly gone.
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Tagamet For Warts, Cimetidine For Molluscum: The Verdict

As much as how weird it sounds to use cimetidine tagamet for warts and molluscum contagiosum treatment –

This uncommon approach not only received many user success stories as testimonials, but the efficacy of this method in treating HPV warts and molluscum is also supported by relevant medical research results, as elaborated above.

tagamet for warts cimetidine for molluscum OTC
While medical experts recommends to use a dosage of 30 to 40 mg per kg per day, it is advised to always consult your doctor accordingly prior using cimetidine tagamet for wart / molluscum treatment.
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Have you ever tried Tagamet for treatment of wart or molluscum? What’s the results?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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