9 Best Toenail Fungus Treatment Over The Counter: Your Choice?

Toenail Fungus Treatment Over The CounterIt’s just annoying and embarrassing, isn’t it?

The toenail fungus that cause unsightly thick, yellow-brown nails in which you feel tired of hiding them in public.

You may be wondering:

What are the toenail fungus treatment over the counter options and recommendations, to help bring back your confidence?

Don’t worry, this is a comprehensive review guide on how to get rid of toenail fungus at home with OTC produts, that we’ve consolidated to save your time and hassle in overcoming your nightmare.

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Professional Toenail Fungus Treatment vs Over The Counter

According to American Academy of Dermatology, lasers and light sources have become a mainstay in dermatology, with new technology provides an alternative for nail fungus treatment.

Laser treatments and light-based therapies for nail fungus are fairly common, with doctors and dermatologists use such procedure to get rid of fungus on toenails and fingernails, as demonstrated in the video below.

Some people may find professional laser or light-based therapies by dermatologist are:

  • Expensive, and not covered by insurance plans because laser nail fungus treatment procedure is considered cosmetic or aesthetic.
  • Not available everywhere, with such treatment may not be provided by their local medical service providers.
  • Time consuming with multiple visits to dermatologist, as such treatment usually takes 3 to 5 sessions spread across multiple weeks, and follow up visits are required after the treatment for further assessment.

While you should consult your local dermatologist or podiatrist for the exact laser nail fungus treatment cost, refer below for quick reference.

New York *
Connecticut *
London *
Laser Nail Fungus Treatment$750 to $1,500$600$975About £800

* Source of info (prices are subject to change):

Wall Street Journal, USA.
City Footcare, New York, USA.
Associated Podiatrists of Connecticut, USA.
London’s Feet For Life, UK.
With cosmetic nail fungus removal procedures by doctors and dermatologist are not typically covered by health insurance, it is understandable that many people are turning to more cost effective options in today’s tough economic climate – such as over the counter alternatives that get rid of unsightly toenail fungus.

Option 1: OTC Electronic Nail Fungus Treatment Device

Over the counter electrical devices with advanced technology that offer electronic nail fungus treatment at home have gained popularity over the years, because they are convenient with hygenic application, and re-usable device with a replaceable battery allows unlimited uses and treatment of nail fungus for future outbreaks.

Such over the counter electronic devices utilize the same laser or light-based technology used by dermatologists and skincare professionals, except they are miniaturized for the convenience of in home use:

#1: BU-Tech Laser Nail Cleaning Device
This advanced nail fungus treatment system eliminates nail fungus infection, with the laser light of this non-invasive antifungal device is directed at fungus under the toenail / fingernail to target the fungal infection while preventing it from spreading further.

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#2: Cure Ex ToeNail Fungus Treatment Laser DeviceCure Ex Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device
This toenail fungus remover is a battery operated laser device with design that is lightweight and small enough to carry around.

User just need to place it on affected nail, push a button to start the treatment, while nail fungus remover automatically shuts off once it’s done.

>> Learn more on how does Cure Ex nail fungus killer work
#3: ClearTouch Nails – LHE Phototherapy TechnologyCleartouch Nails Reviews Does It Work for Nail Fungus
This is a FDA-cleared battery powered electronic device with Phototherapy Technology that uses light by balancing wavelengths, intensity and exposure to treat specific dermatological conditions and is used around the world to professionally treat nail fungus in medical practices.

Weighs at 3.4 ounces, this ClearTouch nail fungus treatment device can be easily stowed for travel.

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Although over the counter electronic toenail fungus removers offer more cost effective treatment with the same light-based or laser technology as used by dermatologists and doctors –

One drawback is that the price of the electrical nail fungus zapper may still appear expensive to some people, despite it is obvious that their cost is still far lower compared to if we visit doctors to seek laser nail fungus treatment on toes or fingers.

Option 2: Nail Fungus Medication / Medicines

Doctor may prescribe oral antifungal drugs or topical solution that help toenail fungus treatment, says Mayo Clinic.

While these nail fungus medications are also available to buy online via online pharmacies, doctor prescription is required.

#1: Itraconazole / Sporanox Nail Fungus Treatmenttoenail fungus treatment over the counter itraconazole Sporanox
Itraconazole (trade name Sporanox) is a triazole antifungal agent prescribed to patients with fungal infections.
#2: Terbinafine / Lamisil Nail Fungus TreatmentTERBINAFINE Lamisil Nail Fungus Treatment
Terbinafine hydrochloride (trade name Lamisil) is a white to off-white fine crystalline powder used to treat certain types of fungal infections (e.g. toenail or fingernail) by stopping the growth of fungus.
#3: Efinaconazole / Jublia Nail Fungus TreatmentEfinaconazole Jubila Nail Fungus Treatment
Efinaconazole (trade name Jublia) is a triazole antifungal approved for use in USA and Canada as 10% topical solution for treatment of onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nail).
However, not all people like using prescription medicines, just as what Dr Edwin Kruys has found out from the patients over the years, with their concerns and reasons include:

– Fear of adverse reactions and possible long-term side effects.
– The stigma of having to take pills because of an illness.
– Preference for natural remedies and herbal, natural, vitamin or mineral products.
– Perception that taking a prescription medicine is a sign of weakness or failure.
– Fear of becoming reliant on or addicted to medicine.
– The cost of a doctors visit and prescription medicines.


Option 3: Over The Counter Nail Fungus Topical Solution

Just as Dr Edwin Kruys pointed out, there are patients who don’t like to take medicines, with preference for herbal / natural remedies.

The consumer market has never short of skincare products with natural ingredients, so thus over the counter nail fungus treatment topical solution that undeniable remains an alternative, especially for those who prefer to treat their skin condition naturally.

Here are the 3 leading nail fungus treatment solutions in the market:
#1: EmoniNail

Emoninail Reviews Walmart Walgreens CVS Where To BuyThe active ingredient of EmoniNail topical solution is Undecylenic Acid, a natural fatty acid extracted from castor oil.

The other natural ingredients in EmoniNail with clinically-proven antifungal properties include Tea tree oil, sunflower seed oil, etc.
>> Visit EmoniNail official website here to learn more.

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#2: Funginix

Funginix Reviews Scam or Does It Work for Fungus TreatmentThe active ingredient of Funginix topical solution by Sisquoc Healthcare is Undecylenic Acid, a natural fatty acid extracted from castor oil.

The other natural ingredients in Funginix with clinically-proven antifungal properties include Clove oil, Sweet Almond oil, Lavender oil, Jasmine oil, Bearberry extract, Rose Hip Flower oil, etc.
>> Visit Funginix official website here to learn more.

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Option 3: ZetaClearZetaClear Spray and Oral Nail Fungus Removal

ZetaClear Homeopathic nail fungus treatment is a 2-Step resolution that combines Topical Solution with Homeopathic Spray:

  • Topical ZetaClear nail solution works under the surface to promote healthy nails, while smoothing and softening skin around the nail.
  • Oral homeopathic spray that delivers ingredients intended to fight nail fungus directly into the bloodstream that provides natural nail fungus relief.

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Toenail Fungus Treatment Over The Counter Reviews: Summary and Recommendations

It is common nowadays that people are looking at cost effective over the counter options that allow toenail fungus home treatment at their own convenience and discretion.

The key reasons are because not all patients afford the hefty medical consultation fee and professional treatment cost, some find doctor visits are time consuming and embarrassing, some have concern on prescribed medications.

While there is no single “best” toenail fungus treatment OTC as different people may have different preference –

Here are the Top 4 toenail fungus treatment over the counter recommendations, covering different product types, alongside the price range comparison, where to buy, and product reviews, for you to make an educated purchase decision.

OptionProduct NameProduct TypePriceWhere To BuyReviews / Remarks
BU-TecNail Fungus Laser Treatment Device$$$$$
[Check Latest Price]
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Cure Ex Nail Fungus Treatment Laser DeviceCure Ex ToeNail Fungus Treatment Laser Device$$$$$$
[Check Latest Price]
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Emoninail Reviews Walmart Walgreens CVS Where To BuyEmoninailTopical Nail Fungus Treatment Solution$
[Check Latest Price]
>> Emoninail official website hereLearn More Amber Button Without Frame
Funginix Reviews Scam or Does It Work for Fungus TreatmentFunginixTopical Nail Fungus Treatment Solution$
[Check Latest Price]
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