Wart Falling Off: What To Do After Warts Fell Off… and Left A Hole?

Wart Falling Off
Warts are benign skin growths caused by low-risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and they can occur anywhere on the body.

While wart may eventually turn into scabs before falling off itself —

What to do after wart fell off, especially if it left a hole or open little wound?


What Cause A Wart To Fall Off?

While about 65% of wart infections go away on their own within 2 years, wart will normally fall off by itself — in which the stages of a wart falling off may include turning black, dry off, before it is gone. Knowing when a wart is totally dead is a good guard against further warts spreading.

At most time, there is no need to worry about because your skin will heal on its own and you won’t experience any pain.

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It is recommended to seek treatment as soon as wart starts to form, because HPV wart is contagious and easily spread. You don’t have to prolong your agony when dealing with these because you can get rid of them. There are many treatments available to eliminate warts:

#1: Warts may be treated by freezing a wart off using liquid nitrogen – which is also called Cryotherapy. In this way, a hematoma is formed under the wart and then a scab which makes the wart fall off. It is one the most effective and best treatment against warts. While there are doctors that may offer to do this professionally, you may also buy OTC freezing kits to do it on your own. Depending on your chosen product, wart falling off after freezing may take 1 to 5 applications over 1 to 2 weeks to kill the warts completely.
#2: Warts also fall off through chemical peel. Again, you can do it by yourself or you may ask for professional assistance from your doctor. Chemical peel method involves using acid like Trichloracetic acid (TCA) to treat warts.
#3: Topical wart cream is always the first therapy to get rid of warts. It is common nowadays that people are looking at cost effective over the counter warts cream that allows home treatment at their own convenience and discretion.
#4: When warts are too hard or stubborn to get rid of, surgical procedures will be considered as last resort if you have tried everything and you get no results. Some intense options are laser treatment and electrical cauterizing by a doctor. Your doctor may also refer another specialist who has better access to the best equipment for the procedure.

Wart Fell Off and Left A Hole – Now What? Aftercare?

If wart fell off and left a hole on your skin, wart scar may be formed, depending on how severe the skin tissue was damaged, and how well the healing process had gone after wart falling off.

As such, aftercare must be taken, including when there is hole in foot after plantar wart removal:

  • If you have gone through surgery, you will be prescribed with painkillers as the wound could be painful for a few days.
  • Keep the area covered up, while keep it clean and dry.
  • Do not touch or scratch the wound area and ensure that it gets plenty of air.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for a few days. Avoid playing sport, jogging or riding a bike.
  • Follow up visits to doctor are necessary after wart surgery. Contact your doctor if your wound encounter severe pain, bad-smelling or yellowish discharge which may mean an infection, or bleeding that lasts longer than one week.

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