Pop Quiz: What is Wart in Your Native Language?

If your first language is not English, do you know What is Wart in Your Native Language?

Examples –

What is Wart in Spanish?
What is Wart in French?
What is Wart in Chinese?
What is Wart in Hindi?


Clock starts ticking: 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


Got it? Good job!

Or scratching your head and smiling with little embarrassment?

Check out below. Did you pass the pop quiz? Leave a comment and let us know!


Flag Country Language ” Wart “ is..
Brunei Brunei Bahasa Melayu Ketuat
China China Chinese
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Bradavice
Denmark Denmark Danish Vorter
France France French Verrues
Germany Germany German Warzen
Greece Greece Greek κονδυλώματα
India India Hindi मस्सा
Indonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kutil
Italy Italy Italian Verruche
Japan Japan Japanese いぼ
Netherlands Netherlands Dutch Wratten
Portugal Portugal Portuguese Verrugas
Russia Russia Russian Бородавки
South Korea South Korea Korean 발사마귀
Spain Spain Spanish Verrugas
Sweden Sweden Swedish Vårtor
Thailand Thailand Thai หูด
Turkey Turkey Turkish Siğiller
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Arabic الثآليل