Warticide Reviews: Wart Removal Ingredients that Work? Where to Buy?

Warticide Reviews Wart RemovalIt can happen, you know:

Unsightly warts growth on your body that shake your confidence and adversely impact your quality of life.

While Warticide is available over the counter to help get rid of wart —

Do its ingredients really work?

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Undesrstand Low-Risk HPV and Warts

As revealed by WebMD, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common virus, categorized into high-risk and low-risk strains, with the low-risk type of HPV is called non-oncogenic HPV. This type of HPV is often associated with benign health conditions like genital warts.

Genital warts are mostly transmitted sexually and are classed as one of the existing sexually transmitted Infections (STI). The HPV strains are contacted during sex, the low-risk type of HPV strains like HPV 6 and 11 carries about 90% of recorded genital warts. Wart growth appears like bumps, but it often has cauliflower shapes.

Warts growth on other parts of the body apart from the genitals is due to infection by other strains of HPV and not HPV 6 and 11. These wart growths usually appear on the skin, such as common warts on finger. The type of warts that grows on the feet is called plantar warts and it is mostly due to HPV infection on the outer skin layers of the feet soles. Warts start its formation from the moment the virus enters the human body system via tiny or large skin breakages like cuts or weak skin spots anywhere on your feet.
Dr. Irina Korneeva-Vladimirsky MD elaborates more on low-risk HPV and warts in the brief video below, which also shows pictures of warts.


Warticide Ingredients: Medical Studies Review

Warticide is manufactured and distributed by Sisquoc Healthcare, an established company with Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation since year 2010, with A+ rating.

The topical application of Warticide liquid solution is formulated to help get rid of warts, including genital warts and plantar warts.

This over the counter product contains a unique blend of salicylic acid and other supplementary ingredients, such as cedar leaf and tea tree oil, in which we’ve done independent research to study the efficacy of these Warticide ingredients in warts treatment.

#1: Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is known to be a keratolytic therapy according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It has slow action therapy mechanism; the processes that destroy virus infected skin parts and induce immune responses via the mild skin (epidermis) irritation that the salicylic acid gives. Salicylic acid can be purchased over the counter easily. The benefits are the easy buy, minimal expense, convenience, reasonable effectiveness and negligible pain.

PubMed Health published medical study on the effectiveness of salicylic acid and cryotherapy for treatment of cutaneous warts. The report indicated about 57% of patients make use of over the counter prepared salicylic acid for treating wart growth before going for GP surgery for the reason that it is cost-effective when compared to GP surgery. The final study report result has it that salicylic acid is an effective economic way to treat wart than GP surgery prescriptions.
Researchers did over 13 trials study on tropical salicylic acid, using different concentrations ranging from 15 to 60%, mostly at 15 to 26% with and without the addition of lactic acid. Results show wart removal cure rate of 75% (144 out of 191) when Salicylic acid was used as treatment, compared to the 48% (89 of 185) in the placebo.

Another clinical study by the BMJ Journal shows that Salicylic acid is effective when they compared it with cryotherapy for plantar warts treatment. 240 patients of about 12 years of age and above that had plantar warts were treated with the use of cryotherapy on some number of patients and salicylic acid on the others. The professional BMJ health care personnel reported that both cryotherapy and salicylic acid equally and effectively cleared plantar warts within a period of 12 weeks.

Dr. Loretta Ciraldo elaborates more on using Salicylic Acid for wart removal in video below.


#2: Tea Tree Oil

Another name for tea tree is melaleuca alternifolia. Tea tree is popular for its potent antiseptic properties and healing effects on wounds. The oil extract from tea tree is the common volatile essential oil gotten majorly from the Australian native Melaleuca alternifolia plant. This oil has been in use for health purposes for over 100 years in Australia.

The usage of Tea tree oil (TTO) for the treatment of skin conditions and infections has been said to be very effective due to the many aetiological microbial agents that it contains. This is also why tea tree oil is also commonly used for bacterial infection treatment.

The UK Belfast City Hospital reported the effective use of TTO for warts treatment on a pediatric patient who had warts growth on the middle fingers of her right hand; TTO was routinely applied daily on the common warts and skin lesions around it for 12 days. The outcome was successful and the infected areas had complete re-epithelization. In conclusion, tea tree oil was highlighted as essential oil with potential for the treatment of warts caused by HPV.

#3: Cedar Leaf (Thuja) Oil

Cedar Leaf (Thuja) oil is gotten from Thuja tree. The tree is viewed by many as a genus tree, coniferous cedar trees are common species of Thuja.

A publication in the Indian Journal of Nephrology reported the clinical and pharmacological properties of Thuja Occidentalis (white cedar tree). A HPV-infected patient whose multiple warts growths were irresponsive to radiosurgery and cryotherapy treatments was treated with cedar leaf oil. Results show thuja extract cured the resistant fingers warts of the patient.
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Application Instructions: How Does Warticide Work?

The action of Warticide ingredients on warts begins from the very start of use.

  • The Warticide blue colored bottle contains several ounces of ingredient mixed fluid. The bottles pack has a dropper cap on its tip that releases 1 ounce (30 milliliters) of the product content per time to serve as single dose application on warts, and avoid messy application and product content wastage.
  • Once you notice any wart growth anywhere on your skin, begin treatment immediately by using Warticide so as to save you the possible spread of the growth.
  • Apply Warticide in the morning and evening at the affected areas.

Simply place a dropper cap full on the infected skin area. The wart killing plus removal effect of Warticide begins immediately, whereby the Warticide ingredients attack the warts (such as plantar warts and genital warts) within minutes of application.

The Warticide’ action on warts makes it turn light gray or whitish in color after few hours. After several applications, the color of warts gets darker; this indicated that the wart is dying. As you continue the application the wart begins to shrink and reduce in size as new healthy tissue grows out to replace dead skin areas.

Warts start dying from 1-2 days of Warticide product application. The consistent application will make you achieve faster results. It takes 2 weeks on the average to completely treat wart conditions using Warticide, while many Warticide users testified that they began to see results from the first two days of treatment.
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Warticide Reviews: The Verdict and Where To Buy

Warticide Reviews Wart RemovalWarticide contains ingredients like Salicylic Acid and tea tree oil that are medically proven to be effective and safe to use on all skin types.

While not available for sale in retailers and stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Boots UK —

This over the counter wart removal product is available to buy online via Warticide Official Website

All Warticide product orders come in secure packaging. The product name, package contents or padded envelope are kept discrete.

Sisquoc Healthcare as the manufacturer is highly confident of this product, with 60-days money back guarantee.
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