Wartrol Reviews: Doesn’t Work For Genital Warts Removal?

Wartrol wart remover has been a popular OTC wart treatment solution for years.

But you’re probably wondering:

“Does Wartrol really work to remove plantar warts, common warts, flat warts, and… genital warts?”

Does “Wartrol Homeopathic Genital Wart Relief” still exist? What did FDA say about it?

We comprehensively review through Wartrol effectiveness and user feedback, where to buy Wartrol, Wartrol side effects, and compare Wartrol vs other OTC wart remover products – to debunk the myth if it is a Wartrol scam.

Wartrol Wart Remover Overview


Wartrol Wart Remover

– Wartrol uses FDA approved ingredients.
– Active ingredient: 17% salicylic acid.
– Inactive ingredient: Ethyl alcohol, Menthol…
– Liquid wart remover with convenient brush applicator.
– Safe and easy to use at home.
– Package purchase deals available for cost saving.
– Product is not available in retail stores and can only be purchased online. Available worldwide.
– Standard or Free shipping term depend on purchase package; Rush shipping option available.
– Money back guarantee: Allow return of any unused and unopened item purchased within 90 days.
>> Visit Wartrol official website for more details

Wartrol Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid

Just what is in it?

Wartrol’s active ingredient is salicylic acid, an ingredient that is approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It works by slowly softening the skin layers, and may cause an immune response from the mild irritation caused by the salicylic acid to fight HPV virus that cause warts.

Wartrol’s formula uses 17% salicylic acid, a concentration level that over-the-counter preparations are made available as indicated by Michelle M. Lipke from Department of Dermatology, Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center.
This active ingredient, Salicylic acid, has been scientifically examined and revealed to be effective in warts treatment with proven clinical results. For examples –

Research 1: Based on study published by U.S. National Library of Medicine, 57% of 723 patients used OTC treatment with Salicylic acid before attending GP surgery, and Salicylic acid was the most cost-effective treatment prescribed by a general practitioner.

Research 2: Study on 240 patients published by the British Medical Journal shows salicylic acid and the Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen were equally effective for plantar warts removal, with the cheaper salicylic acid topical treatment is more cost-effective than the liquid nitrogen treatment.
Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a board-certified dermatologist in Miami, shares more on using salicylic acid for warts removal at home in brief video below.


Wartrol Inactive Ingredients Review

The inactive ingredients in Wartrol are Ethyl Alcohol, Flexible Collodion, Menthol, Polysorbate-80, Ascorbic Acid, and Hydroxypropylcellulose.

To fully assess how does Wartrol work, understanding of the Wartrol ingredients is important.

So let’s look into some of its key inactive ingredients and components as well.

#1 Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol, also called Ethanol, is often used as a natural and safe preservative in cosmetic products due to its antiseptic qualities.

Ethyl alcohol also serves an antibacterial function that kill wart-causing virus on the surface of the skin, while topically applied Ethyl alcohol acts as a skin penetration enhancer that helps other ingredients penetrate into the skin more effectively.

#2 Flexible Collodion

Flexible collodion, often used as a topical protectant, is defined by the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook as a mixture of collodion, camphor, and castor oil.

Among them, collodion is syrupy solution used as an adhesive to close small wounds, while camphor is used by people topically to treat fungal infections and reduce itching.

#3 Polysorbate-80

Primarily utilized in personal care products as a surfactant and emulsifier due to its ability to assist other ingredients dissolve in a solvent, specifically in the case of oil in water.


Wartrol Directions: How To Use Wartrol

Wartrol, for external topical use only, is to be applied directly on the surface of warts and affected area.

Wartrol OTC liquid wart remover comes with convenient brush applicator, which is easy and safe to use at home.

Step 1: Identify the wart, whereby common wart is recognized by the rough cauliflower-like appearance of the skin surface, while plantar wart is recognized by its location on the bottom of the foot.

Step 2: Wash the wart affected area. (Optional: Soak wart in warm water for 5 minutes)

Step 3: Dry the area thoroughly.

Step 4: Apply a small amount at a time with a brush to sufficiently cover each wart.

Step 5: Let dry. Repeat this procedure once or twice daily as needed, until wart is removed, for up to 12 weeks.

Wartrol warning:

– Always check with your doctor or dermatologist in case you are not sure if your skin growth is wart.
– Do not use this product on irritated skin, or any area that is infected or reddened.
– Do not use this product if you are a diabetic, or if you have poor blood circulation.
– Do not use on skin moles, birthmarks, genital warts, warts on face or mucous membranes.
– Recommendation is not to share OTC wart remover you have used with anyone to prevent virus spread.

Wartrol For Genital Warts Treatment: Debunk The Myth

Now, let’s go straight to the point by examining the packaging case and label of Wartrol “Maximum Strength” OTC Liquid Wart Remover as evidence.

As shown below, the Wartrol warnings clearly state DO NOT USE ON…GENITAL WARTS.
Wartrol For Genital Warts Treatment

Since it is clearly stated on the Wartrol package case, then what are the (possible) reasons that some people still explore using Wartrol for genital warts treatment?

Case Study 1:

Has anyone tried Wartrol on their genital wart? I am desperate at this point and wanting to try it out. / by Glaze @ DailyStrength

Case Study 2:

I was diagnosed with genital warts 6 months ago… I had done lots of reading about homeopathic remedies, and Wartrol seems to be the most effective. Has anyone here used it? I’d like some reassurance that it’s not a scam.. / by sick_of_this81 @ MedHelp

Scenario #1: People heard about Wartrol however they have not personally bought / used Wartrol before.

Scenario #2: People used Wartrol on plantar / common warts but did not notice the Wartrol warnings above.

The Wartrol package case and label shared above should address these.

Scenario #3: People are not aware of other OTC solutions thus explore Wartrol for genital warts treatment.

This will be further covered later when we compare Wartrol versus other OTC wart products, so just read on.

Scenario #4: The biggest myth – there were real success stories of using Wartrol to get rid of genital warts.

This exclusive Wartrol review will continue to debunk this myth by revealing…

Wartrol “Homeopathic Genital Wart Relief” vs “Maximum Strength OTC Liquid Wart Remover”

Wartrol used to have an OTC solution labelled “Genital Wart Relief – Homeopathic” in the past.

However, for whatsoever reason, the Wartrol official website www.wartrol.com no longer display / mention / sell this sub-brand labelled “Genital Wart Relief” now.

The Wartrol “Maximum Strength” OTC fast-acting liquid wart remover that is currently in the market (and also available in the past) is formulated to get rid of Plantar warts, Common Warts, and Flat warts according to Wartrol official website – without any single term mentioning it is a solution for “Genital warts”. This fully aligns with the Wartrol warnings stated on its packaging case and label as shared earlier.

Refer below comparison. Don’t just take my word, click to visit Wartrol official website to check it out yourself.

Wartrol For Genital Warts Treatment Review

If you are searching for Wartrol review to solve your genital wart problem

Don’t feel disappointed, as you will be guided with the alternate OTC genital wart remover solutions in the product comparison review later.

Just read on, or click and go straight to the alternate genital wart treatment options.

Wartrol Side Effects

It is commonly known that all medicines have side effects, just that most people do not feel the side effects or they are able to deal with them.

Some rare side effects of salicylic acid wart remover that can occur are skin irritation, dryness and peeling of skin, skin redness, and slight burning; But these are usually very mild.

If discomfort persists or if you notice any symptoms of serious allergic reaction, stop using the product and seek immediate medical attention by consulting your doctor or dermatologist.


Wartrol Customer Reviews

The Wartrol “Maximum Strength” OTC fast-acting liquid wart remover has been used by thousands of people to remove plantar warts, common warts, and flat warts.

Below are some positive customer reviews from the Wartrol users.

Case Study 1:

I have been using Wartrol when i notice that i have warts on my feet… What can i say, i see changes with my warts, it slowly disappearing and my warts came off. / by TammyLassiter @ ehealthforum

Case Study 2:

I tried out Wartrol. its not a magic product but i would say that it works. it took about 2-3 weeks. i am not sure about its composition – all i was interested in was the results. / sreejan @ DailyStrength

No product is perfect, just as different people would have different reaction to the same medicine.

It is not surprising to find some feedback that the results of using Wartrol were not promising, just like below.

Case Study 3:

I’ve had HPV for a 3-4 months now. I’ve been using Wartrol for around 5 weeks and so far nothing has changed. / Maa Noi @ HPV Forum


Where To Buy Wartrol

Wartrol OTC wart remover is not available in local stores (like Walmart) and can only be purchased online.

Whether you are in UK / Canada / Australia, Wartrol is available to purchase worldwide via the Wartrol official website without prescription, with 90 days full money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

When you visit Wartrol official website to check out or buy Wartrol online, you might want to take note on below:

Visitors to Wartrol website often find difficulty to retrieve info on how much is Wartrol, because the front page of Wartrol website does not display the Wartrol pricing info. Only until you fill up the personal particulars and press the “Start My Order” button, then only you will be shown the latest Wartrol package offer / deal for your selection.

>> Visit Wartrol official website to find out its latest package deals and best price or try out Wartrol.


Wartrol And Genital Warts: What Are The Alternate OTC Solutions?

As Wartrol is not for genital warts treatment as reviewed:

Let’s compare Wartrol with some alternate OTC wart remover and solutions with key summary and comparison table as below, or you can refer to this detailed genital wart cream review guide for comprehensive understanding.

1. Wartrol vs Wartec by Stiefel

Wartec is an over the counter topical cream widely used for HPV genital warts treatment, especially in Europe and UK (under the trade name of Warticon).

The active ingredient in Wartec cream is Podophyllotoxin, a plant extract with antiviral and antiwart properties.

Wartec OTC cream also contains other inactive ingredients such as propyl methyl hydroxybenzoate, purified water, sorbic acid, stearyl alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) etc.

>> Check out comprehensive Wartec cream reviews.

2. Wartrol vs Nevi-Skin by DermalMeds

Nevi-Skin is a topical treatment cream formulated with natural herbal extracts, for removal of genital warts, plantar foot warts, hand warts, mosaic warts, moles on the skin and face, skin tags and syringoma.

>> Check out Nevi-Skin reviews.
>> Find out more at Nevi-Skin official website.

Product Image
Wartrol Wart Remover at at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome
Wartec Cream Solution Review
Nevi Skin Wart Removal at HowToGetRidOfWartsHome
Product FormulationSalicylic acid basedPodophyllotoxin (plant extract) basedAll natural herbal extracts
Ingredients17% salicylic acid + Ethyl alcohol, Menthol etc0.15% Podophyllotoxin + methyl hydroxybenzoate etcAll natural herbal extracts
Plantar / Common / Flat Wart TreatmentYesNoYes
Genital Wart TreatmentNoYesYes


Wartrol Reviews Summary

Wartrol “Maximum Strength” OTC Liquid Wart Remover, with its 17% Salicylic acid as active ingredient, is formulated to get rid of plantar warts, common warts, and flat warts.

If you are specifically looking for genital warts solution, then alternate wart creams are recommended.

>> Visit Wartrol official website to find out latest details or try out Wartrol 90 days full money back guarantee.