Warts On Neck Removal: Small Little Flat Filiform Wart Treatment

warts-on-neck-cream-surgeryWe all dislike the small little warts on neck that make us uncomfortable with ourselves.

You might have tried various remedies to get rid of them, but they may still grow back or they simply do not budge.

Before you give up and start thinking of ways to accept neck warts, there are a few things you need to be aware of about these skin growths.

Here, we focus on everything there is to know about the warts on neck.

The good news is that, there are treatments that can remove these skin lesions for good.


Types of Warts On Neck: Causes and Symptoms

The warts on your neck area are caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). When this virus infects the top layer of the skin, it causes the skin to grow rapidly hence leading to the growth of warts.

The 2 common types of wart on neck are:

  • Flat warts that have a flat top – small, smooth, and generally occur on the face. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, flat warts tend to grow in great numbers like 20 to 100 at any one time. They are not immediately noticeable and can be brownish, pink, or slightly yellow.
  • Filiform warts have frond-like projections. They are generally small, skin coloured, and shaped like a tiny flap or tag of skin.


Warts on Neck During Pregnancy?

warts-on-neck-during-pregnancyWhen expecting your bundle of joy, you may notice that there are skin lesions on your neck and other areas of the body.

These skin growth are normally skin tags, and are the result of hormonal changes occurring in the body. They will likely go away after the pregnancy is over, and thus you should not be worried about such skin tags.

If they do not go away after pregnancy you should seek medical help since they may be caused by other issues beyond hormones.

Check out this comprehensive review guide comparing warts vs skin tags to learn more on their differences, and how to distinguish both of them.

How To Get Rid of Warts On Neck: Treatment Options

These kinds of small little flat warts on neck are benign and mostly painless. They are usually small but may be visible to another person standing a distance away.

While warts by themselves are not a health threat, most people want to get them removed as soon as they appear because:

  • wart can affect the patient’s quality of life with discomfort such as itchiness and pain.
  • wart can bring psychological impact like self-doubt and embarrassment (especially if these skin lesions develop on neck that are easily noticeable by others)
  • wart is highly contagious and and potentially spread to other parts of your body or to other people including those who are close to you.


Option #1: Topical Treatment of Warts on the Neck

Applying topical ointment to help get rid of neck wart is often the first treatment before the invasive wart surgery. If one decides to go without the surgery and instead use topical methods, they have various choices to pick from.

Check out this over the counter wart removal solutions guide in which we’ve comprehensively reviewed various topical wart removal ointment and wart pads.

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Advantages of Topical Treatment Methods

  • Cost effective to administer.
  • Conveniently available to be purchased over the counter.
  • Easy topical application with wart treatment at home with privacy.
  • Relatively pain free compared to invasive surgical procedures.

Disadvantages of Topical Treatment Methods

  • May not able to remove warts overnight.
  • May not be effective to remove extremely hard and stubborn warts.


Option #2: Surgery of Wart on Neck

Surgical procedures are often the last resort after most medical treatment methods have failed, with common types of surgery to remove neck warts include:

  • Curettage – cut off wart with a sharp razor that is shaped like a spoon to simply scoop off the wart from the skin.
  • Electro surgery – this surgery focuses on the use of an electric current to burn the warts and thus make them go away with ease.
  • Laser surgery – the surgery uses strong laser beams to burn out warts.

Advantages of Wart Surgeries

  • Professional wart removal approach by medical experts.
  • May remove warts immediately during outpatient day surgery.
  • Good option to remove extremely hard and stubborn warts.

Disadvantages of the Surgeries

  • Most surgeries are invasive thus may potentially cause pain and bleeding.
  • Expensive cost and such cosmetic surgeries are not covered by health insurance.
  • Some people may find visits to doctor are embarrassing and time consuming.
  • Scarring risk on body area where the wart was surgically removed.

If these things are not taken care of, the area where the warts were on the skin could end up being scared especially if the scar was deep into the skin and required more invasive surgery. However, some modern equipment are able to make the areas look like they never had a wart.


How To Prevent Warts On Neck

For the most part, these warts around neck area may be a caused by the HPV virus in itself but they can also be contracted from other people.

One way to contract the warts will be through sharing of personal care items such as towels, shaving machines, and others.

In the case of a towel, the person would have broken them through the friction in bathing. After that, they would smear the virus on the towel which will be used by another person. For this reason, the sharing of towels should be avoided as much as possible.

For shaving machines and razor, the wart virus may also moves from one person to the next to start growing on the recipient.

Learn more actionable tips here to help you prevent warts on neck.

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