WartStop24 Liquid Review: Debunk The Myth?

I received a query weeks back on “where to get Wartstop24 liquid?”

I felt puzzled, because I have never heard of such wart remover brand.

So I’ve decided to check it out.

Wartstop24 Liquid Review: Does This Brand Exist?

Upon Google search, the website www.Wartstop24.com appeared, and I clicked on it –

Immediately saw the wart remover product image display at the top left corner of the website’s front page is Wartrol over the counter wart remover.

To further confirm, I clicked on the “Order Now” button found at the “Wartstop24” website, and I was directed to the Wartrol official website ( www.Wartrol.com ), as shown below.

This observation concludes there is no such wart remover brand called “Wartstop24”, as apparently it is referring to Wartrol in which you can learn more in >> this review post.

Hope this clarifies.
Wartstop24 Liquid Review vs Wartrol

2 thoughts on “WartStop24 Liquid Review: Debunk The Myth?

  • December 19, 2015 at 1:32 am

    Is watrol Available in Australia?, and is their a guarantee that product works and gets rid of Warts.. and so why was it named wart stop 24? compared to watrol ?


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